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Full Dysclosure

CRTC roolz — I mean, rules.

3D porn television comes to Canada.

Whiners’ Guild of Canada momentarily distracts Michael Geist from ACTA. Techdirt picks up the slack.

Breaking news: Canada’s Internet sucks.

WTF is Canada 3.0?

There’s a Don Cherry miniseries for some reason. Coach’s Corner’s coach still MIA from Score: A Hockey Musical cast.

“At 7 pm a main hatchway caved in, and now I’m re-writing the lyrics…”

Mobile Mashup

Mobile data traffic surpasses voice worldwide.

New shit spectrum up for auction.

WIND Mobile sucks and blows.

Useless Link of the Week Award

Mashable: Zomg, Apple store is down!!1! Wait, now it’s back up..


Elvyn – “I guess I was wrong”


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Full Dysclosure
[2:17:48 PM] Anthony Marco:
[2:17:57 PM] Anthony Marco:
[2:18:06 PM] Anthony Marco:
[2:18:19 PM] Anthony Marco:
[2:18:32 PM] Anthony Marco:
[2:18:41 PM] Anthony Marco:

Canadian Facebook users going “antirouge” on the government.

Ebooks beat Real books with holiday shoppers.

New wireless entrant set to hit the Canadian market… cheaper plans on the way?

Intermittent Wind from Canada’s newest existing provider.

National Film Board iPhone app gets higher downloads outside of Canada.

Hadopi: not an Aboriginal tribe of the Americas, but Fance’s new invasive copyright legislation and how to get around similar laws.

What SHOULD be public domain in 2010 if not for the Disneyfication of copyright law.


A discussion on the merits of Avatar, with a nod to Sherlock along the way.


Anthony – KeepVid – letting you scoop your fave streaming video to your hard drive.

Mike – Seppukoo – thinking of committing ritual Facebookicide?

Andrew – Open Attitude – Andrew’s self-help website… just kidding… well, maybe?


Julia Spitale – “Post Allanah’s Toga Party”


Show Notes

Remember that July 15th is Text Nothing Day

Full Dysclosure


Websites of the Week

  • Twitterfall – have a waterfall of aggregated tweets flow down your browser
  • Nerdfitness – an oxymoron by name and a good idea for us all by nature