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  • A choice sound bite from Copyright Math — the toast of TED, and rightfully so.



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  • A Paper Bag Records pick this week, PS I Love You with a track from their new EP, “Sentimental Dishes”.


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This week on the podcast, Russell McOrmond stopped by to talk about the recently “deceased” Bill C-32, usage-based billing, election stuff and a little bit of piracy as well.

Among other things, we also encouraged Andrew to reconsider his stance on running as a candidate in the upcoming Canadian Federal election under The Pirate Party banner.

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With the news that the two latest Avengers efforts will be made into 3D films AFTER  they’ve been shot (ala Clash of the Titans), I have to wonder if “colourization” debate going to be re-ignited for 3D TV. Of course I have little doubt George Lucas will be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy in 3D and Smell-o-vision within the next five years, I’m wondering how far off we are from some of the older classics being post-processed through the 3D filter.

The following is a tongue-in-cheek consideration of some classic films that should have 3D added value and why:

1) The Wizard of Oz – Two words… flying monkeys.

2) Elephant Man – Truly appreciate John Merrick’s deformities.

3) The Godfather – Somehow freaky orange-peel-mouth Brando could be entertaining.

4) 2001 – you even have to ask? The trippy end sequence and Space Baby.

5) Goodfellas – if only for the 3 minute uncut shot walking into the restaurant.

6) The Ten Commandments – Red Sea in 3D

7) A Clockwork Orange – because it’s just not trippy enough.

8 ) The Phatom Menace – really… can it make it any worse?

9) Titanic – …hmmm.

10) Jaws – no wait… didn’t they already… never mind.