Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

CRTC roolz — I mean, rules.

3D porn television comes to Canada.

Whiners’ Guild of Canada momentarily distracts Michael Geist from ACTA. Techdirt picks up the slack.

Breaking news: Canada’s Internet sucks.

WTF is Canada 3.0?

There’s a Don Cherry miniseries for some reason. Coach’s Corner’s coach still MIA from Score: A Hockey Musical cast.

“At 7 pm a main hatchway caved in, and now I’m re-writing the lyrics…”

Mobile Mashup

Mobile data traffic surpasses voice worldwide.

New shit spectrum up for auction.

WIND Mobile sucks and blows.

Useless Link of the Week Award

Mashable: Zomg, Apple store is down!!1! Wait, now it’s back up..


Elvyn – “I guess I was wrong”

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

Pope blesses Facebook and open new discount Papal Outlet
Scottish Bishop slams Social Networking two days previous
Terminator needs some Salvation
Overturning year-old net throttling regulations
Chrome gets a little bit shinier with new version of browser
Television – the Axe falls on some, the transfusion saves others
Twitter will not make money from advertising

Websites of the Week

Anthony Twoogle, how to search Twitter and Google side by side… great way to see the two ways to power information aggregation.


Eamon McGrath (courtesy of White Whale Records) from his new CD 13 Songs of Whisky and Light, the opening track Welcome to the Heart.


The Show Notes

full dysclosure

X Marks The Spot – Workprint of Wolverine leaked
E.T. Skype Home – Sykpe arrives for the iPhone
U2, RIM? U2? – U2 partners with Blackberry maker
Googly-eyed Over Twitter – Arrington rumours about Google-Twitter deal
Do You Know The Lyrics?¬† (Apparently, You Do) – K’naan crowdsources lyrics via Twitter
An Exploratory Digg – Digg launches DiggBar
Big Blue Clouds – IBM explores cloud computing
Citation Not Needed – Microsoft shuts down Encarta


Canada’s Oscars(?) – The Genies Reviewed
May Movies

website of the week

Anth: Multicolr Search Lab (Flickr Set)
Mike: Catster (dedicated to Soot Vardy 1993-2009)

musical selection

Woodhands (courtesy of Paper Bag Records)


episode 8 – show notes

full dysclosure
gmail vid chat – the cloud expands
the “$100 laptop” in Europe¬† – for only $200!
USB3.0 – 14X the speed of USB 2.0

Bond – Quantum of Solace
Holiday/December Releases

websites of the week – a twitter-like review complier of films, music, books, etc. – explore and share your inner cartoonist

The Wheat Pool – Geographic Centre of Canada