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Note: You can check out everything that (friend of DyscultureD) MCM does by clicking here (which will take you to the original post).  Knowing him, he’s cool with me re-posting this here…it’s yet another view on the copyright bill that was presented Wednesday…

Canadian Copyright, v251?

by MCM on June 2, 2010

The information out right now is all second-hand, but according to Michael Geist, the new copyright legislation looks to be a decent step towards not sucking.  There needs to be more analysis and review, but at the moment, it would seem that the world is not going to end this summer.  There are two things, on different ends of the suck spectrum, that I find interesting:Continue reading

Show Notes


Iron Man 2 opens to huge weekend, even with piracy concerns.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore dystracts you with tweets to cover up Dysclosure.

Beavers in Space.

Full Dysclosure

Prime Minister sides with James Moore in Thunderdome-style fight with Tony Clement and a DMCA is on its way to Canada in the next 6 weeks.

Some early considerations on the potential impact of the Google Bookstore in Canada.

CRTC caves to Bell’s tiered internet demands.

iPad gets ships date to Canada and… Mike wants one now!?!


from Ottawa – Captial Grass and the No Men with their track Last Burning Candle