Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Isn’t it a good thing that electric cars are silent?

Remake crushes other remake at box office.

Von Finckenstein is one scary-looking motherfucker. Oh, and something about Digital TV.

Raise your penis if you think Chatroulette should clean up its act.

I will give you a better Web 2.0 domain name for $5.

CIRA astroturf invades Facebook and Twitter.

Kill the music industry — literally! Best anti-piracy campaign EVAR!!1!

Full Dysclosure

Anthony wants to Kinect with E3 but kan’t.

Mike: “Fuck that blue shit!”

Currie calls bullshit on Jaron Lanier?! Oh wait, it’s all a ruse to plug this Fringe Show.


Ghabuntu/Luqman Saeed, Jordan Keats, the Pioneer One crew Bruce Campbell & Bill Kempthorne for the Tweets.

Podcast Noob for the comment.

Jesse Brown on Facebook (zomg!)

And everyone who came out to chat.


Arctheline – “Alibi”.

Here’s some stuff that probably won’t make the show because it’s either too visual, too tough to work in, too late by the time we record or too awesome to hold off on…

DIY Beachfront Retreat

I’m longing for something like this but with only one day of sun then a downpour like we’re getting today, it seems kind of pointless.

Really Trivial News

This kinda slid by us.  The co-creator of Trivial Pursuit, Chris Haney, dies at 59.

Ok, NOW More People Will Watch….Won’t They?

CTV’s MUCHMusic and MTV have partnered with VEVO, purportedly the web’s leading premium music video and entertainment service.  Maybe they’ll start actually showing music videos again.

Hawking Is Here

A Brief History in Time author and renowned physicist Stephen Hawking landed in Canada this weekend to begin A Brief Six-Week Research Stint at the Perimeter Institute in Ontario.

Canada Loses Its Virgin…Music Festivals

Which means no last-minute juggling of lineups or act cancellations – a trademark of Virgin festivals in our home and native land.  Maybe the turmoil will return in 2011…