Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

Show Notes:


Man beats Bejeweled.
Upcoming 3-D movie releases.

Full Dysclosure

If Apple calls the cops on you who will police the police?
Hey look, Steve Jobs is a blogger hypocrite.
Anth thinks the best defence against the iPad is to ignore it altogether.
Closed OSes like BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t long for this world, apparently.
Why use OS X anyway when you can use Ubuntu Lucid instead?
In case you were wondering, Gopherspace is safe.


Thanks to Slug is Doug for his comment on the blog last week.

Thanks also to Steve Czajka and John Meadows in the chat. Check out John’s take on Apple vs. Flash.


John Meadows — chatter and musical guest?!!1


Thanks to Jason Whyte from, Andrew Currie from, and Jason Finnerty for coming back for a second week in a row… yay Mike, we didn’t scare him away!

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

How much does Canada REALLY love the internet?

Are there some unforeseen dangers with new Twitter Lists?

Does Facebook really care for your input on their TOS?

Is Steve Jobs trying to become the next Rupert Murdoch of publishing?

How did Family Guy scare off Microsoft?

Would you get your computer serviced at Wal-Mart?

Who kept Globalive out of Canada? Are Canadian telcos too big?


Canadian films trend well at the box office.

November film releases coming to a screen near you.


Andrew – – Toronto Pan-Asian sketch comedy troupe.

Jason – – Figure out if something supposedly “viral” is worth your time.

Mike – – Animated reimaginings of blockbuster film endings.

Anthony – – Pick 2, 3, or 4 geographic spots and find a suitable meetup place in the middle.


Edmonton’s The Public Library – “No Reason to Send Letters”