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  • Seth Godin has Jian Ghomeshi all flustered — more on that at the link below.


Blast Into Books (my parting gift for Mike)

  • Writers should stop writing knowing that they might no longer get paid to write. Write?
  • For the rest of us: Amazon data proves that copyright doesn’t work.

Goin’ Mobile


It’s Not News, It’s Pew-Pews!




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Iron Man 2 opens to huge weekend, even with piracy concerns.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore dystracts you with tweets to cover up Dysclosure.

Beavers in Space.

Full Dysclosure

Prime Minister sides with James Moore in Thunderdome-style fight with Tony Clement and a DMCA is on its way to Canada in the next 6 weeks.

Some early considerations on the potential impact of the Google Bookstore in Canada.

CRTC caves to Bell’s tiered internet demands.

iPad gets ships date to Canada and… Mike wants one now!?!


from Ottawa – Captial Grass and the No Men with their track Last Burning Candle

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

Show Notes:


Man beats Bejeweled.
Upcoming 3-D movie releases.

Full Dysclosure

If Apple calls the cops on you who will police the police?
Hey look, Steve Jobs is a blogger hypocrite.
Anth thinks the best defence against the iPad is to ignore it altogether.
Closed OSes like BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t long for this world, apparently.
Why use OS X anyway when you can use Ubuntu Lucid instead?
In case you were wondering, Gopherspace is safe.


Thanks to Slug is Doug for his comment on the blog last week.

Thanks also to Steve Czajka and John Meadows in the chat. Check out John’s take on Apple vs. Flash.


John Meadows — chatter and musical guest?!!1

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Just a plethora of media Dystractions this week, followed by…

Full Dysclosure:

Charlie Angus peddles his media levy at the Junos.

It’s a Pirate Party of Canada party!

Hang in there, Petrolia, Tony Clement hasn’t forgotten you.

SaskTel’s CEO will soon be out of a job, probably.

Tips & tricks for Opera Mini on your stupid iPhone.

Has the iPhone’s competition caught up? Tomi Ahonen thinks so.

Amazon (and sweatshops) coming to Canada.


Roach – Teabag

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Full Dysclosure

UK’s Digital Economy Bill passes and will fail.

Digital Economy Bill Strategy is also coming to Canada.Was there something wrong with CopyCon?

Fuck Hollywood; put your money to better use.

Apple sucks sucks and sucks.

Zomg, 3dees @ teh crawsrodez!!1! Huffington Post fans click here.


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Musical Guest

ParamedicsEmergency Response.


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Full Dysclosure


Canada’s broadband [loading, please wait…] lag.

Telefilm wants YOU! If you’re an American movie star, that is. Hey, it worked for Cronenberg

Canada can has video calling?

Rogers says “me too” to DRM-free mobile music store.

How Canadian MPs use Twitter — well, they’re tweeting the budget, for starters..

The Shat in The Shit.

The World:

Who’s afraid of open source? IIPA is.

Singapore (and others) quite happy to keep ACTA under wraps.

10 billion songs served to people who can’t figure out P2P.

But those cheap iPods come at a price.

No moar boobies on iPhone? O RLY?

Apps are crap, anyway.

Facebook patents the news feed. Wait, what?

Sites of the Week

Anth – Stopp ACTA, okk?
Andrew – LibraryThing
Mike – C O D E O R G A N


“Bolingbroke Road” by Silver Creek.


Full Dysclosure


CTV promises 4,800 hours of Olympic coverage… Is that even possible?

At the Canadian border your laptop will be opened for inspection, but reasons why are closed to the public.

Another pointless public consultation.

Globalive is here to stay but our government won’t tell us why.

The World:

World’s best mobile browser probably not coming to iPhone anytime soon.

MacWorld Expo makes us say “meh”.

It’s official — Facebook users are retarded. The fun starts here (and continues for some 29 pages)…

Google Buzz is a privacy disaster. Here’s how you can fix it.

Flattr your favourite bloggers with this new micropayment service from co-founder of The Pirate Bay.

UK library offers free eBooks to all — all Kindle users, that is…


Anthony talks Podcamp Toronto 2010 with organizer Eden Spodek @edenspodek

Websites of the Week:

Mike – Human experiences from Victoria on lifeasahuman.com

Andrew – Shows how to maximize your Smart and Dumb phones with wapreview.com

Anth – Plans for his excursion next weekend with 2010.podcamptoronto.com


April Wine gets inducted to Canadian Music Hall of Fame. What’s an April Wine? Here’s an April Whine:

Track of the Week:

Dundas, Ontario’s own The Dirty Nil with their track “In-C”

(Despite what it says in the Author view, you gotta know this was written by Mike.)

I’ve had a bit of time off over the past few weeks (so to speak; I’ve been very busy elsewhere) and wasn’t available for the “spirited” conversation about Apple’s new tablet device.  That said, it would have been more spirited had I been involved, mainly because I kinda dig the device.  Go figure.

Here’s the thing, though…I’m not sure if I want one.

Sure, it’d be great to have an e-reader for traveling on the road.  It’d also be swell to have something lightweight to blog with and handle my media.  The price is much more in my bracket than a MacBook Air.  Plus, it’s got a familiar feel to it in terms of user interface,

That said, I’m pretty “meh” about the whole thing.  Why?

  1. The name really sucks.  If I did get one, I’d simply call it my Apple tablet.
  2. I can read ebooks on my laptop.  Heck, any laptop.  Even my iPhone can do it…despite the smallish screen size.  The iBookstore pushes me further away than towards it.  (That said, I’d love to have a book published in there if the payout is anything like the App Store.
  3. I do have a lot of iPhone apps, but I prefer my Mac applications.  I don’t see a point in going down a road that has less choice; this is the most closed-source device I’ve seen Apple put out – and I’m pretty sure jailbreaking may not be easy…or even worthwhile right now.
  4. Did I mention that the name really sucks?

I can afford one of these.  The shiny Mac guy in me salivated over it at first glance.  But since I couldn’t buy one right away, I became more reticent by force…and came up with another solution that allows me to have a device that does everything I need (and want) and still leaves a computer at home for the family when I travel.

Thanks, Apple for making my decision an easy one.  Your delay in getting this to market following your announcement saved me from a case of buyer’s remorse.  Don’t fret, though.  After all, I’m writing this on my newly-acquired MacBook Pro.

As a result, both you and iWin.