As usual, this podcast is NSFW which stands for Not Safe For Work or No Soul For Wal-Mart.

Also, we’re trying to upload this podcast at a VBR of 56kbs to 96 to save download time. Let us know if you hear a difference.

EDIT: You will hear a difference as the two recordings we had were not ideal. Mine had a very low Shane and some other signal breaks. Mike’s had a very low Mike… on his mic…. As such, the result is heavily compressed to bring Mike’s mic up to a reasonable level while keeping us under clip levels. Apologies for not being at home – Anthony

… With returning guest Shane Birley!

Transcript of Live Chat.

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Show Notes

Just a plethora of media Dystractions this week, followed by…

Full Dysclosure:

Charlie Angus peddles his media levy at the Junos.

It’s a Pirate Party of Canada party!

Hang in there, Petrolia, Tony Clement hasn’t forgotten you.

SaskTel’s CEO will soon be out of a job, probably.

Tips & tricks for Opera Mini on your stupid iPhone.

Has the iPhone’s competition caught up? Tomi Ahonen thinks so.

Amazon (and sweatshops) coming to Canada.


Roach – Teabag

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

UK’s Digital Economy Bill passes and will fail.

Digital Economy Bill Strategy is also coming to Canada.Was there something wrong with CopyCon?

Fuck Hollywood; put your money to better use.

Apple sucks sucks and sucks.

Zomg, 3dees @ teh crawsrodez!!1! Huffington Post fans click here.


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Musical Guest

ParamedicsEmergency Response.