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You can bother Canadian Heritage Minister @mpjamesmoore with tweets about a Canadian DMCA or ACTA… cause he gets really snippy when you do.

R.I.P. Law & Order and Heroes… we thought you’d died long ago.

iPhone 4G found in Vietnam loves you long time.

Full Dysclosure

Rogers goes for the iPad data gouge, but doesn’t want you to “strike out” for file-sharing.

Mobilicity wants to compete against your landline provider.

Google Streetview has been Wardriving for four years.

Tony Clement’s ignored one public consultation about the net, now he wants to do another.

Do you like Facebook? Do you know Zynga? I bet you already hate them.

Steam comes to the Mac as gaming options open.

Grand Theft Auto in the Old West… it’s time for Red Dead Redemption!

Another Canadian hockey movie… shoot me!


Belleau Woods from Toronto with their track “Bridges Be Burnin'”

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Iron Man 2 opens to huge weekend, even with piracy concerns.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore dystracts you with tweets to cover up Dysclosure.

Beavers in Space.

Full Dysclosure

Prime Minister sides with James Moore in Thunderdome-style fight with Tony Clement and a DMCA is on its way to Canada in the next 6 weeks.

Some early considerations on the potential impact of the Google Bookstore in Canada.

CRTC caves to Bell’s tiered internet demands.

iPad gets ships date to Canada and… Mike wants one now!?!


from Ottawa – Captial Grass and the No Men with their track Last Burning Candle

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

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Man beats Bejeweled.
Upcoming 3-D movie releases.

Full Dysclosure

If Apple calls the cops on you who will police the police?
Hey look, Steve Jobs is a blogger hypocrite.
Anth thinks the best defence against the iPad is to ignore it altogether.
Closed OSes like BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t long for this world, apparently.
Why use OS X anyway when you can use Ubuntu Lucid instead?
In case you were wondering, Gopherspace is safe.


Thanks to Slug is Doug for his comment on the blog last week.

Thanks also to Steve Czajka and John Meadows in the chat. Check out John’s take on Apple vs. Flash.


John Meadows — chatter and musical guest?!!1

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too):

Show Notes:


Captain Kirk for GG?
Spock hangs up his ears.
That’s so meta: Hitler reacts to takedown of Hitler videos:

5 years of teh YooTubez.
Zomg, Android running on iPhone!!1!
Blizzard bets the farm on virtual livestock… and wins.

Full Dysclosure

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner to poke Facebook again, possibly.
Canada Council on trial.
GOA calls BS on MPAA (and why Mitch Kapor is awesome).
Pr0nmaker takes RapidShare to court.
Photoshop for Linux?!!
Mobile “expert” eats humble pie, kinda.


Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith from PIONEER ONE.


Steve Czajka on Posterous. Want a shout-out too? Tweet us, email us, DO SOMETHING!!1!


Raccoon Bandit – “Same Old Boat

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Just a plethora of media Dystractions this week, followed by…

Full Dysclosure:

Charlie Angus peddles his media levy at the Junos.

It’s a Pirate Party of Canada party!

Hang in there, Petrolia, Tony Clement hasn’t forgotten you.

SaskTel’s CEO will soon be out of a job, probably.

Tips & tricks for Opera Mini on your stupid iPhone.

Has the iPhone’s competition caught up? Tomi Ahonen thinks so.

Amazon (and sweatshops) coming to Canada.


Roach – Teabag

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

UK’s Digital Economy Bill passes and will fail.

Digital Economy Bill Strategy is also coming to Canada.Was there something wrong with CopyCon?

Fuck Hollywood; put your money to better use.

Apple sucks sucks and sucks.

Zomg, 3dees @ teh crawsrodez!!1! Huffington Post fans click here.


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