Show Notes

Full Dysclosure – Jim Balsillie tries to bring a 7th NHL team to Canada
To Boldly Go – Star Trek rakes in almost $80m  US opening weekend
US MPAA wants Teachers to videotape television instead of recording directly
Rogers charges for Incoming Text Messages
Telus to make Canadian Health records available online
Facebook Foils Fraud in Canadian Court
Palm Pre Goes Exclusive… Jack up the Rate Plans
Guitar Hero goes on tour?
Download Decade: a Globe and Mail retrospective
$30,000 to fill your iPod… Name That Zune!

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Mike – – DSIA
Anth – – relive 70’s catalogue glory


Winter GlovesSmells Like Teen Spirit… yes, THAT song!


The Show Notes

full dysclosure

X Marks The Spot – Workprint of Wolverine leaked
E.T. Skype Home – Sykpe arrives for the iPhone
U2, RIM? U2? – U2 partners with Blackberry maker
Googly-eyed Over Twitter – Arrington rumours about Google-Twitter deal
Do You Know The Lyrics?  (Apparently, You Do) – K’naan crowdsources lyrics via Twitter
An Exploratory Digg – Digg launches DiggBar
Big Blue Clouds – IBM explores cloud computing
Citation Not Needed – Microsoft shuts down Encarta


Canada’s Oscars(?) – The Genies Reviewed
May Movies

website of the week

Anth: Multicolr Search Lab (Flickr Set)
Mike: Catster (dedicated to Soot Vardy 1993-2009)

musical selection

Woodhands (courtesy of Paper Bag Records)


The Show Notes

full dysclosure

For Whom Bell Separately Tolls (then doesn’t):  The Bell/Twitter Debacle

Give Us Your Data & Your Opinion:  Facebook Forum

The MySpace Band-age:  Is MySpace still viable for aspiring musicians?

Sirius Threat:  Sirius Ask CRTC to quash Internet Radio

Striking A Pro-Chord With Canucks:  CBC poll says Flight Of The Conchords funnier to us than The Lonely Island

Cera-ious Threat Averted:  Last TV cast holdout Michael Cera signs up for “Arrested Development” feature

Is The Watchmen “Duned” In Theatres?

wheel of pop

3D Movies

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Mike: Topher’s Breakfast Cereal Character Guide

Anth:  Hootsuite

musical selection

The Constantines

(special thanks to Arts & Crafts Records)

Looks like James Spader just moved up on Shatner's late-night "crank call" list.

I remember when I first saw Star Trek II:  The Wrath Of Khan, and I also remember a particular scene that has stuck with me throughout the years.

No…it’s not the “Kirk yell.”

It was the scene where Chekov and Captain Clark Terrell were ambushed by Khan and his loyal followers.  Khan implants the two unfortunates with eels that enter their ears, enabling him to control their minds.

Still freaks me out.


The Best Notes In Show

full dysclosure

MacWorld: Our “Jobs” Is Done Here

CES:  Hasta La “Vista”

movies & television

Awards Shows:  The “People” Have Misspoken

Golden Globe Previews:  Better Almost In Time Than Never

website of the week

Anthony picks:  Urban Dictionary

Mike builds on top of that pick (and Anth is okay with it) with:

musical artist profile

The Dears (special thanks to Arts&Crafts Records)

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I learned yesterday that the lawyers representing Michael Moore issued takedown notices to torrent sites hosting his new film “Slacker Uprising” which we talked about on the show last week.

There seemed to be a confused “WTF?”that circulated around the web as to why someone who is releasing a film for free via download would complain if it was being spread via torrent. I know he does plan on eventually selling a DVD that will probably contain 12 hours of Moore leading his revivalist sessions at Tallahassee JUCO and the like, but why the big legal fuss? I think I’ve figured it out.

The currency that Moore is getting from the free web download is an email list. He’s created a product that will draw a certain demographic that he can now reach any time he wants. Most people who “buy” into the marketing platform of a free download are probably fans that will not begrudge such an intrusion, which has become regular since I downloaded the film. This is the reason, however, that torrent sites are problematic: no email address required. I appreciate the effort to galvanize and work the system, but seriously, if you’re going to make something free, then free it is. If you want to tell people that the cost is their email and regular missives from Moore, that’s fine too… lawyers don’t seem too conducive to a “slacker uprising” though.