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Tired Old Media

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  • From MP34U.com we’ve got some hip-hop this week, Lostribe with their track “Futuristic Fly”.


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Stay in Touch

With the news that the two latest Avengers efforts will be made into 3D films AFTER  they’ve been shot (ala Clash of the Titans), I have to wonder if “colourization” debate going to be re-ignited for 3D TV. Of course I have little doubt George Lucas will be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy in 3D and Smell-o-vision within the next five years, I’m wondering how far off we are from some of the older classics being post-processed through the 3D filter.

The following is a tongue-in-cheek consideration of some classic films that should have 3D added value and why:

1) The Wizard of Oz – Two words… flying monkeys.

2) Elephant Man – Truly appreciate John Merrick’s deformities.

3) The Godfather – Somehow freaky orange-peel-mouth Brando could be entertaining.

4) 2001 – you even have to ask? The trippy end sequence and Space Baby.

5) Goodfellas – if only for the 3 minute uncut shot walking into the restaurant.

6) The Ten Commandments – Red Sea in 3D

7) A Clockwork Orange – because it’s just not trippy enough.

8 ) The Phatom Menace – really… can it make it any worse?

9) Titanic – …hmmm.

10) Jaws – no wait… didn’t they already… never mind.

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too):

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Captain Kirk for GG?
Spock hangs up his ears.
That’s so meta: Hitler reacts to takedown of Hitler videos:

5 years of teh YooTubez.
Zomg, Android running on iPhone!!1!
Blizzard bets the farm on virtual livestock… and wins.

Full Dysclosure

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner to poke Facebook again, possibly.
Canada Council on trial.
GOA calls BS on MPAA (and why Mitch Kapor is awesome).
Pr0nmaker takes RapidShare to court.
Photoshop for Linux?!!
Mobile “expert” eats humble pie, kinda.


Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith from PIONEER ONE.


Steve Czajka on Posterous. Want a shout-out too? Tweet us, email us, DO SOMETHING!!1!


Raccoon Bandit – “Same Old Boat

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Full Dysclosure

UK’s Digital Economy Bill passes and will fail.

Digital Economy Bill Strategy is also coming to Canada.Was there something wrong with CopyCon?

Fuck Hollywood; put your money to better use.

Apple sucks sucks and sucks.

Zomg, 3dees @ teh crawsrodez!!1! Huffington Post fans click here.


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Musical Guest

ParamedicsEmergency Response.

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Full Dysclosure

CRTC roolz — I mean, rules.

3D porn television comes to Canada.

Whiners’ Guild of Canada momentarily distracts Michael Geist from ACTA. Techdirt picks up the slack.

Breaking news: Canada’s Internet sucks.

WTF is Canada 3.0?

There’s a Don Cherry miniseries for some reason. Coach’s Corner’s coach still MIA from Score: A Hockey Musical cast.

“At 7 pm a main hatchway caved in, and now I’m re-writing the lyrics…”

Mobile Mashup

Mobile data traffic surpasses voice worldwide.

New shit spectrum up for auction.

WIND Mobile sucks and blows.

Useless Link of the Week Award

Mashable: Zomg, Apple store is down!!1! Wait, now it’s back up..


Elvyn – “I guess I was wrong”


Show Notes…

Anthony is pissed off his new mic went for not due to a volume knob malfunction of his own design; pardon the occasional pop of the webcam mic which did yeoperson’s duty under adverse conditions.

Full Dysclosure

Wireless wonders and social media BS:

Canada’s coming wireless free-for-all.

WIND will buy out your ECF — WTF?!!1! (also see Andrew’s 2007 round-up of ECFs…)

Rogers sees red, users see suck.

Planes, trains and tethered mobiles.

Oscar noms and other noms:

A torrent of free SXSW tunes — actually, two of them.

Canada can has Oscar gold?

A healthy Ontario economy is a danger to a healthy Ontario economy.

Tony Clement talks WIPO (but not ACTA).

Your weekly reminders that:

  1. Region-locking content doesn’t work;
  2. Digital locks don’t work;
  3. File sharing ain’t going anywhere soon.

Sites of the Week:

Anth – search all 137 years of Popular Science Magazine online
Andrew – get a free email addy that doesn’t suck at GMX.com


Dead Messenger: “Fat Black Heart”… great track! — with bonus video!


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Full Dysclosure


Canada’s broadband [loading, please wait…] lag.

Telefilm wants YOU! If you’re an American movie star, that is. Hey, it worked for Cronenberg

Canada can has video calling?

Rogers says “me too” to DRM-free mobile music store.

How Canadian MPs use Twitter — well, they’re tweeting the budget, for starters..

The Shat in The Shit.

The World:

Who’s afraid of open source? IIPA is.

Singapore (and others) quite happy to keep ACTA under wraps.

10 billion songs served to people who can’t figure out P2P.

But those cheap iPods come at a price.

No moar boobies on iPhone? O RLY?

Apps are crap, anyway.

Facebook patents the news feed. Wait, what?

Sites of the Week

Anth – Stopp ACTA, okk?
Andrew – LibraryThing
Mike – C O D E O R G A N


“Bolingbroke Road” by Silver Creek.