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Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Isn’t it a good thing that electric cars are silent?

Remake crushes other remake at box office.

Von Finckenstein is one scary-looking motherfucker. Oh, and something about Digital TV.

Raise your penis if you think Chatroulette should clean up its act.

I will give you a better Web 2.0 domain name for $5.

CIRA astroturf invades Facebook and Twitter.

Kill the music industry — literally! Best anti-piracy campaign EVAR!!1!

Full Dysclosure

Anthony wants to Kinect with E3 but kan’t.

Mike: “Fuck that blue shit!”

Currie calls bullshit on Jaron Lanier?! Oh wait, it’s all a ruse to plug this Fringe Show.


Ghabuntu/Luqman Saeed, Jordan Keats, the Pioneer One crew Bruce Campbell & Bill Kempthorne for the Tweets.

Podcast Noob for the comment.

Jesse Brown on Facebook (zomg!)

And everyone who came out to chat.


Arctheline – “Alibi”.

It’s Jesse Brown’s final question to Industry Minister Tony Clement that made me want to jump through my monitor, claw my way through the inter-tubes and give him a high-five.

I didn’t realize that the Minister had spoken so disparagingly of hackers when Bill C-32 was announced; kudos to Jesse for rightfully pointing out that hackers have made the Internet the (mostly) wonderful thing it is today, and that Canadians shouldn’t be content with grunt-work doled out by American video game studios — we should instead be inventing our own Googles. our own Twitters — oh wait, we already have that

Anyway, this is definitely another episode of Search Engine that’s worthy of your time. And I’m sure Jesse is returning the favour by linking to us on his blog, rite…?

Search Engine Audio Podcast #45: Destroying Massive Value.

Note: You can check out everything that (friend of DyscultureD) MCM does by clicking here (which will take you to the original post).  Knowing him, he’s cool with me re-posting this here…it’s yet another view on the copyright bill that was presented Wednesday…

Canadian Copyright, v251?

by MCM on June 2, 2010

The information out right now is all second-hand, but according to Michael Geist, the new copyright legislation looks to be a decent step towards not sucking.  There needs to be more analysis and review, but at the moment, it would seem that the world is not going to end this summer.  There are two things, on different ends of the suck spectrum, that I find interesting:Continue reading

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Facebook, we can’t quit you.

Tall Tales and feigned concern at the latest Steve Jobs love-in. Here’s a different take on the Foxconn suicides.

James Cameron, maybe– but Kevin Costner? We feel sorry for the oil spill…

Tablets + developing world = fail.

Full Dysclosure

iPad vs. netbook… fight! Is this all you got, Vardy?

(Podcast) scoop! Bill C-32 revealed: Breaking digital locks to become illegal, Harper revealed as Uncle Sam’s bitch.

Anthony’s interview with Joe Murray, creator of Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo, talking about KaboingTV and Kickstarter.

Yours truly waxes poetically on his own TV career and what could have been.


All the Apple fanboy Twitter accounts we unfollowed, like TUAW.

All who came out to chat, like:

And thanks to slugore for weighing in on our new theme track.


Bend Sinister with “Things Will Get Better” from their new EP.