The Fincher film that Andrew loves reveals its poster on its official site.

The site can also be found by typing in “” into your address bar.  We’re waiting with baited breath as to whom buys “” to combat it.

Jesse Eisenberg looks more like Michael Cera here than ever before.  I think.

You can even “like” the site.

I’m sure Andrew will keep us posted on further dvelopments…

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Isn’t it a good thing that electric cars are silent?

Remake crushes other remake at box office.

Von Finckenstein is one scary-looking motherfucker. Oh, and something about Digital TV.

Raise your penis if you think Chatroulette should clean up its act.

I will give you a better Web 2.0 domain name for $5.

CIRA astroturf invades Facebook and Twitter.

Kill the music industry — literally! Best anti-piracy campaign EVAR!!1!

Full Dysclosure

Anthony wants to Kinect with E3 but kan’t.

Mike: “Fuck that blue shit!”

Currie calls bullshit on Jaron Lanier?! Oh wait, it’s all a ruse to plug this Fringe Show.


Ghabuntu/Luqman Saeed, Jordan Keats, the Pioneer One crew Bruce Campbell & Bill Kempthorne for the Tweets.

Podcast Noob for the comment.

Jesse Brown on Facebook (zomg!)

And everyone who came out to chat.


Arctheline – “Alibi”.

Maestro Marky Zee,

You’ve been getting a lot of flack recently from tech pundits about the liberties that Facebook has taken with regards to user privacy. And you’ve responded without apology, but with indications of placating the mouthpieces.

Good for you, but if you ask me, I’d say don’t apologize whatsoever.

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Thanks to Heather Gold whose work can be found at: – –

Full Dysclosure

CRTC tries to close down wireless competition and Tony Clement reverses the CRTC decision.

Bell and Rogers take a hit on Clement’s decision.

Copenhagen… is he related to Nina Hagen?

Facebook starts messing with privacy settings and catches Zuckerberg off guard.

Has Eric Schmidt been caught out on claims that nothing is private on the net?

Mozilla rep. wants people to start using Bing after Schmidt’s privacy comments.

Top iPhone apps in Canada for 2009… well… with Andrew’s Nokia picks thrown in.


an impromptu discussion on Sarah Palin coming to Hamilton, ON to discuss socialized medicine. WTF?

Are you up for Avatar?

Movie studios claim record profits in 2009… wherefore evil piracy?

Some of the box office numbers as they stand today.

Facebook movie gets a release date. Are Sorkin and Fincher enough to carry it?

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Andrew – – let people know where you are all the time.

Mike – – a simple browser-based to do app.

Heather – The Daily Dish – Andrew Sullivan takes on politics, society and media.

Anth – – Create a tinyurl for a website and append your comment for anyone who follows it.


The Constantines and Feist – Islands in the Stream from our friends at Arts & Crafts.

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure
  • Facebook Adds More Faces – Facebook buys FriedFeed
  • Twitter ReTweets Itself – Phase 1 of Twitter’s Project ReTweet rolls out
  • The Dog Days Of Summer, eh? – Canadian programming’s Summer influence on TV is less than stellar
  • The Rumour Mill – Giving Mike more fodder for his AND THAT’S THE WAY IT – WHAT?! segment
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  • The Wilderness

facefeedWith news today that Facebook has fed on Friendfeed, I suppose the only question left to ask is will everyone FINALLY hear about Friendfeed now? At least I’m sure the cable news will report it… if they can tie it to Twitter.

Our hope: that the new amalgamation will be called Facefeed, because Facebook has essentially become the junkfood of social networking anyway (I would say MySpace, but they’ve dropped to the dollar store canned food of the genre). And since we love nothing better than to FEED OUR FACE, I propose we all bow down to our new Lord of Timesuck: FACEFEED!

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Full Dysclosure
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