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full dysclosure

MacWorld: Our “Jobs” Is Done Here

CES:  Hasta La “Vista”

movies & television

Awards Shows:  The “People” Have Misspoken

Golden Globe Previews:  Better Almost In Time Than Never

website of the week

Anthony picks:  Urban Dictionary

Mike builds on top of that pick (and Anth is okay with it) with:

musical artist profile

The Dears (special thanks to Arts&Crafts Records)

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full dysclosure
Soon to be no “Mac” in MacWorld
RIAA – No longer serving, leaving that to those who provide service
“Digg”ing deeper into debt
Amazon – The e-Scrooge
Water, water…everywhere?

Boxing up Boxed Sets for the TV Lover
Anthony stuffs:  Monty Python, Freaks And Geeks, Blackadder
Mike stuffs:  Sports Night, The West Wing, Arrested Development

Wheel of Pop
Music of 1986

Websites of the Week

Music by Jonathan Coulton


The Show Notes

(a game that Mike had a hand in writing on that site: Frat Boy Girlfriend Defense)

  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Bill C-61 and DRM (start preparing for your mugshots…)
  • Musical Artist Profile:  Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis is a singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC (and a former workmate of Mike’s).  Her debut album, A Year Or More is available via iTunes and CD Baby, and she is also featured on CBC Radio 3.  If you like piano-based musicians, give her a listen.