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  • From the official 2011 SXSW Bittorrents, we’ve got The Cancer Bats with their track “Hail Destroyer”.


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Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

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Dan Akroyd gets our boys and girls good and drunk in Afghanistan.

RIM hires QE II for quality assurance.

Bryan Adams jams with the PM, and something about copyright.

Full Dysclosure

Google’s new box, video codec and pending lawsuits.

isoHunt down but not out.

Unreleased hacker doc is leaked there. Get it here!

At the multiplex: McGruber? Really?

On TeeVee: Winners and losers for the upcoming fall season.


Thanks to Belleau Woods for the pingback, John Meadows for the comment & Steve Czajka for the chat.


The Sessions from Vancouver with their track “Say Goodbye Adrianne” — part of the Thorny Bleeder Records sampler brought to you by the Pirate Party of Canada.

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

Show Notes


You can bother Canadian Heritage Minister @mpjamesmoore with tweets about a Canadian DMCA or ACTA… cause he gets really snippy when you do.

R.I.P. Law & Order and Heroes… we thought you’d died long ago.

iPhone 4G found in Vietnam loves you long time.

Full Dysclosure

Rogers goes for the iPad data gouge, but doesn’t want you to “strike out” for file-sharing.

Mobilicity wants to compete against your landline provider.

Google Streetview has been Wardriving for four years.

Tony Clement’s ignored one public consultation about the net, now he wants to do another.

Do you like Facebook? Do you know Zynga? I bet you already hate them.

Steam comes to the Mac as gaming options open.

Grand Theft Auto in the Old West… it’s time for Red Dead Redemption!

Another Canadian hockey movie… shoot me!


Belleau Woods from Toronto with their track “Bridges Be Burnin'”

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

Show Notes:


Man beats Bejeweled.
Upcoming 3-D movie releases.

Full Dysclosure

If Apple calls the cops on you who will police the police?
Hey look, Steve Jobs is a blogger hypocrite.
Anth thinks the best defence against the iPad is to ignore it altogether.
Closed OSes like BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t long for this world, apparently.
Why use OS X anyway when you can use Ubuntu Lucid instead?
In case you were wondering, Gopherspace is safe.


Thanks to Slug is Doug for his comment on the blog last week.

Thanks also to Steve Czajka and John Meadows in the chat. Check out John’s take on Apple vs. Flash.


John Meadows — chatter and musical guest?!!1

Show Notes
Full Dysclosure

Canada’s digital divide — how come country bumpkins can’t have the same shit service that urbanistas do?

Love it or hate it (Currie hates it) the iPad is here — read fake Steve Jobs’ proclamation to the world, then check Monday’s post on Open attitude for a round-up of sobering second opinions on Apple’s latest appliance.

Indie filmmakers behind mass bittorrent lawsuitsUwe Boll is one of them.

James Cameron: Fight online piracy with geegaws innovation.

If you don’t like live comedy, you can always leave.

Toronto Public Libraries to become gamers’ paradise?

Oscar Peterson statue to be unveiled in Ottawa on June 30th. Road trip, anyone?


DUZHEKNEW – “It came out the other side, ok.”


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure:

Fair dealing but a tax on your BlackBerry?

Screw you and your twenty-five bucks.

Cana-duh.com’s piss-poor journalism:

Ottawa is Oscar-worthy — Oscar Peterson, that is.

Margaret Atwood joins cast of Canada’s Ishtar.

Mobile Mashup:

Google makes Nexus One available to Canada.

Public Mobile launches network for the working man (and woman).

Can location-based services get any hotter? Any stupider? Any better?

World’s best mobile browser widens its lead with two new versions.

Sites of the week:

Mike – Funny or Die
Andrew – Mippin
Anth – Twitalyzer


Everything EverythingMy Keys, Your Boyfriend.


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure


Canada’s broadband [loading, please wait…] lag.

Telefilm wants YOU! If you’re an American movie star, that is. Hey, it worked for Cronenberg

Canada can has video calling?

Rogers says “me too” to DRM-free mobile music store.

How Canadian MPs use Twitter — well, they’re tweeting the budget, for starters..

The Shat in The Shit.

The World:

Who’s afraid of open source? IIPA is.

Singapore (and others) quite happy to keep ACTA under wraps.

10 billion songs served to people who can’t figure out P2P.

But those cheap iPods come at a price.

No moar boobies on iPhone? O RLY?

Apps are crap, anyway.

Facebook patents the news feed. Wait, what?

Sites of the Week

Anth – Stopp ACTA, okk?
Andrew – LibraryThing
Mike – C O D E O R G A N


“Bolingbroke Road” by Silver Creek.


Full Dysclosure


CTV promises 4,800 hours of Olympic coverage… Is that even possible?

At the Canadian border your laptop will be opened for inspection, but reasons why are closed to the public.

Another pointless public consultation.

Globalive is here to stay but our government won’t tell us why.

The World:

World’s best mobile browser probably not coming to iPhone anytime soon.

MacWorld Expo makes us say “meh”.

It’s official — Facebook users are retarded. The fun starts here (and continues for some 29 pages)…

Google Buzz is a privacy disaster. Here’s how you can fix it.

Flattr your favourite bloggers with this new micropayment service from co-founder of The Pirate Bay.

UK library offers free eBooks to all — all Kindle users, that is…


Anthony talks Podcamp Toronto 2010 with organizer Eden Spodek @edenspodek

Websites of the Week:

Mike – Human experiences from Victoria on lifeasahuman.com

Andrew – Shows how to maximize your Smart and Dumb phones with wapreview.com

Anth – Plans for his excursion next weekend with 2010.podcamptoronto.com


April Wine gets inducted to Canadian Music Hall of Fame. What’s an April Wine? Here’s an April Whine:

Track of the Week:

Dundas, Ontario’s own The Dirty Nil with their track “In-C”


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure


Can this onion ring get more fans than Stephen Harper? Yes, yes it can.

CRTC makes a rare acknowledgment of rural Canada.

Content-makers in B.C. get two tax breaks.

James Cameroon — wait, Cameron — hints at Avatar 2: Electric Bugaloo.

Canada pwns US&A in digital music sales.

Martha and the Muffins are back and we don’t care.

Nelly Furtado scores a role in skating musical that nobody asked for.

The World:

Facebook to offer webmail?

Details from secret ACTA meetings start to trickle out.

Obama BELIEVES in Net Neturality – YES WE MIGHT!

Begun, the eBook price wars have…

Australian Courts take ISPs off the hook for digital transgressions.

Mobile Mash-up:

Rogers courts Olympic visitors with cheap SIM cards.

DAVE’s not here, man — try Mobilicity.

Satellite Radio coming to a BlackBerry near you.

Nokia’s Symbian mobile OS goes open-source.

Websites of the Week:

Anth – The Public Domain Manifesto.

Andrew – ACTA: END THE SECRECY (Facebook group)