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Andrew isn’t here, Anth is here but in Vegas and all things considered it’s amazing we connected this week at all. But we did, and we talked about Canada, mobile and more movies and TV stuff than usual. Not to mention bringing back a really old segment.

We’ll be here with another with a live episode next Wednesday, so join us for Episode 168.

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episode 8 – show notes

full dysclosure
gmail vid chat – the cloud expands
the “$100 laptop” in Europe  – for only $200!
USB3.0 – 14X the speed of USB 2.0

Bond – Quantum of Solace
Holiday/December Releases

websites of the week
www.blippr.com – a twitter-like review complier of films, music, books, etc.
www.goanimate.com – explore and share your inner cartoonist

The Wheat Pool – Geographic Centre of Canada