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Privacy Watch (from behind the bushes out back)

It’s a World Wide Web

Khaki Pants

Tired Old Media

Goin’ Mobile


Pew Pew


  • From MP34U.com we’ve got some hip-hop this week, Lostribe with their track “Futuristic Fly”.


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UK’s Digital Economy Bill passes and will fail.

Digital Economy Bill Strategy is also coming to Canada.Was there something wrong with CopyCon?

Fuck Hollywood; put your money to better use.

Apple sucks sucks and sucks.

Zomg, 3dees @ teh crawsrodez!!1! Huffington Post fans click here.


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ParamedicsEmergency Response.

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CRTC roolz — I mean, rules.

3D porn television comes to Canada.

Whiners’ Guild of Canada momentarily distracts Michael Geist from ACTA. Techdirt picks up the slack.

Breaking news: Canada’s Internet sucks.

WTF is Canada 3.0?

There’s a Don Cherry miniseries for some reason. Coach’s Corner’s coach still MIA from Score: A Hockey Musical cast.

“At 7 pm a main hatchway caved in, and now I’m re-writing the lyrics…”

Mobile Mashup

Mobile data traffic surpasses voice worldwide.

New shit spectrum up for auction.

WIND Mobile sucks and blows.

Useless Link of the Week Award

Mashable: Zomg, Apple store is down!!1! Wait, now it’s back up..


Elvyn – “I guess I was wrong”


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CBC online content governed by US copyright law.

Canadian Gov’t buys into the ACTA mantra.

The players trying to expose the ACTA legislation worldwide.

PVR owners in Canada going through the roof since 2008.

Raise  your hands in air and wave’em like you’re changing channels?

Canadian Coca-Cola doc getting a flat reception in Atlanta.

Score: The Musical… I wouldn’t have believed it. Correction – I don’t want to.


Google owners start to divest and folks wonder why.

Are open source advocates jumping off the Google train?

Will Mozilla switch default search if enough Bing Bing gets thrown their way?

New mp3 DNA to add lyrics, links and notes… but what else?

Mobile Mashup

Is 2010 the time for Canadians to stop fearing their mobile providers?

iPad using a microSIM and no one knows why.

Nokia tries to burst Apple’s bubble of claiming number one status in sales.

Websites of the Week

Anth goes a reading Fresh Yarns on the web.

Andrew goes microNiche Array with ways to crank up your netbook all open source.


The HeavensIf You’re Lost For Somewhere Else To Be


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Full Dysclosure

As the iPhone goes cross-provider in Canada, what are the real costs of a 3 year contract?

HMV Digital comes to Canada – will it be a viable alternative to iTunes?

Why is the Droid drawing people to line up in NYC?

ACTA leaks spawn criticisms and fear of worldwide WIPO war.

The Facebook movie – The Social Network shoots on campus.


with Diane Wild (@deekayw) of tv-eh.com (@tv_eh)

The 24th Gemini Awards hits the Stampede next weekend.

Local TV matters… but do we have to hear about it so much?


Jason – netvibes.com – an alternative to news readers

Andrew – dissolvethecrtc.ca – sounds good to me

Anthony – myebook.com – publish online and share your ideas. with friends


The Hidden Cameras from Toronto with In the NA (thanks to Arts & Crafts Records)


Thanks to Jason Whyte from efilmcritic.com, Andrew Currie from andrewcurrie.ca, and Jason Finnerty for coming back for a second week in a row… yay Mike, we didn’t scare him away!

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

How much does Canada REALLY love the internet?

Are there some unforeseen dangers with new Twitter Lists?

Does Facebook really care for your input on their TOS?

Is Steve Jobs trying to become the next Rupert Murdoch of publishing?

How did Family Guy scare off Microsoft?

Would you get your computer serviced at Wal-Mart?

Who kept Globalive out of Canada? Are Canadian telcos too big?


Canadian films trend well at the box office.

November film releases coming to a screen near you.


Andrew – asiansploitation.com – Toronto Pan-Asian sketch comedy troupe.

Jason – viralblog.com – Figure out if something supposedly “viral” is worth your time.

Mike – howitshouldhaveended.com – Animated reimaginings of blockbuster film endings.

Anthony – rendeznew.com – Pick 2, 3, or 4 geographic spots and find a suitable meetup place in the middle.


Edmonton’s The Public Library – “No Reason to Send Letters”