The Show Notes

  • Full Dysclosure:  Elections, new MacBooks, Passchendaele and more…
  • Browser Wars
  • The Revival of Piano Rock
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Movies in 1993
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Newseum; Mike – Very Tasteful (Anth sez:  I also revisit last week’s pick, Mufin.)
  • Musical Artist: Billy Reid

To tie up this fourth episode, Very Tasteful’s own Billy Reid is the featured musical act.  His song, entitled Spring Yields A Goldblum, sums up several of the topics we “dyscussed” on the show.

Billy is a filmmaker, performer, musician and (more recently) an animator, and his stuff is hugely popular on YouTube.  Mike has performed with him on the Victoria improv scene, and you can check out all of his stuff at the link provided in our Websites Of The Week show note.


The Show Notes

  • Canadian Thanksgiving – Where Be The Pilgrims?
  • Spotlighting the spotlight on Mac notebooks
  • The Spider Man Musical – Broadway Budget Ballooning
  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Election Fever!
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Television in 1984
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Mufin; Mike – Mecanbe (Mike sez: Email us for invites to Mecanbe!)
  • Musical Artist:  Rob Szabo

Rob Szabo was first “dyscovered” by Anthony and mike when they worked at CFMU in Hamilton.  Rob was a member of the Groove Daddys, a power pop trio that they played endlessly.  Because it was good.  Rob struck out on his own years ago, and we play a track from his latest album, Life & Limb entitled That Cold Hard Sell.


The Show Notes

(a game that Mike had a hand in writing on that site: Frat Boy Girlfriend Defense)

  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Bill C-61 and DRM (start preparing for your mugshots…)
  • Musical Artist Profile:  Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis is a singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC (and a former workmate of Mike’s).  Her debut album, A Year Or More is available via iTunes and CD Baby, and she is also featured on CBC Radio 3.  If you like piano-based musicians, give her a listen.

Canadian Bill C-61 concerning protections from copyright infringement and harsh penalities for infringing on Digital Rights Management is brought to you by US lobbyists and Conservative Sith Lord, Jim Prentice.

To put it bluntly: the law, as it stands right now (while grey) seems to support the idea that downloading copyrighted material without paying the rights holder, or their agent, is actually not illegal as too many instances of this could fall under Canada’s version of fair use. Where the illegality starts to wander in, is when you share that content, either hand to hand or p2p. The new legislation, in addition to reworking “sharing” has some draconian concepts surrounding copying your own “paid for” media, which had previously been considered “owned” (at least in a limited way) by the person who bought it.

I can, before C61 passes, back up a copy of a DVD I purchase to my hard drive and convert it to watch on my iPod nano for a flight to Vegas. Under the new legislation if you rip from a DVD (that you bought) you’re a criminal. If you rip a CD that has any protection scheme on it whatsoever, (even though you own the CD) you’re a criminal. And the fines go into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

One of the things Mike and I will talk about this week in our “49th Perpendicular” segment is the scary aspects of this bill and how it could impact even the casual consumer of digital media.

If you’d like to prime yourself for the conversation, I’d refer you to or check out the series of “C61 in 61 Seconds” short videos that are being submitted to

C61 in 61 Seconds by FairCopyright4Canada


(direct link to mp3)

The Show Notes

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  • Is Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising” worth the price?
  • Wheel Of Pop: Genre – Music; Year – 1979
  • The 49th Perpendicular – The New TV Season

Musical Break – Featuring, from Vancouver, Bend Sinister and their new single “The Same Things”

Band Members
Daniel Moxon(Singer/Guitar/Rhodes), Naben Ruthnum(Lead Guitar), Jason Dana(Drums), Joel Meyers(Bass), Henry(Guitar)

They have a new CD entitled STORIES OF BROTHERS, TALES OF LOVERS coming out on OCT 21st across Canada and you can download today’s track on iTunes immediately.

On the new disc the band incorporates a choir, strings and additional musicians to create this fourteen song, 60 minute effort.

Their CD/LP release show is booked OCT 25th at THE RIO THEATRE in Vancouver, and from November 4th-20th they will be touring Western Canada in support of the new disc.  (Anthony sez:  Here’s hoping they make out east soon and we play the first track from a CD I’ve been waiting for, from STORIES OF BROTHERS, TALES OF LOVERS, “The Same Things.”)

  • End of show