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Canada’s digital divide — how come country bumpkins can’t have the same shit service that urbanistas do?

Love it or hate it (Currie hates it) the iPad is here — read fake Steve Jobs’ proclamation to the world, then check Monday’s post on Open attitude for a round-up of sobering second opinions on Apple’s latest appliance.

Indie filmmakers behind mass bittorrent lawsuitsUwe Boll is one of them.

James Cameron: Fight online piracy with geegaws innovation.

If you don’t like live comedy, you can always leave.

Toronto Public Libraries to become gamers’ paradise?

Oscar Peterson statue to be unveiled in Ottawa on June 30th. Road trip, anyone?


DUZHEKNEW – “It came out the other side, ok.”


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Full Dysclosure


Canada’s broadband [loading, please wait…] lag.

Telefilm wants YOU! If you’re an American movie star, that is. Hey, it worked for Cronenberg

Canada can has video calling?

Rogers says “me too” to DRM-free mobile music store.

How Canadian MPs use Twitter — well, they’re tweeting the budget, for starters..

The Shat in The Shit.

The World:

Who’s afraid of open source? IIPA is.

Singapore (and others) quite happy to keep ACTA under wraps.

10 billion songs served to people who can’t figure out P2P.

But those cheap iPods come at a price.

No moar boobies on iPhone? O RLY?

Apps are crap, anyway.

Facebook patents the news feed. Wait, what?

Sites of the Week

Anth – Stopp ACTA, okk?
Andrew – LibraryThing
Mike – C O D E O R G A N


“Bolingbroke Road” by Silver Creek.


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Full Dysclosure


CBC online content governed by US copyright law.

Canadian Gov’t buys into the ACTA mantra.

The players trying to expose the ACTA legislation worldwide.

PVR owners in Canada going through the roof since 2008.

Raise  your hands in air and wave’em like you’re changing channels?

Canadian Coca-Cola doc getting a flat reception in Atlanta.

Score: The Musical… I wouldn’t have believed it. Correction – I don’t want to.


Google owners start to divest and folks wonder why.

Are open source advocates jumping off the Google train?

Will Mozilla switch default search if enough Bing Bing gets thrown their way?

New mp3 DNA to add lyrics, links and notes… but what else?

Mobile Mashup

Is 2010 the time for Canadians to stop fearing their mobile providers?

iPad using a microSIM and no one knows why.

Nokia tries to burst Apple’s bubble of claiming number one status in sales.

Websites of the Week

Anth goes a reading Fresh Yarns on the web.

Andrew goes microNiche Array with ways to crank up your netbook all open source.


The HeavensIf You’re Lost For Somewhere Else To Be


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Canadian against proroguing Parliament rallies contradict some Slacktivism.

Canadians helping Haiti and how could we possibly be cynical about this?

National Film Board’s has some impressive stats on its first birthday.

The White House iTunes app v. Gov’t of Canada mobile site.

Will Barack hide bad news behind Apple’s Tablet announcement?

Have teens become the new meme of blog style experts?

French journalists isolate themselves with only Facebook and Twitter.

UK MPs banned from viewing ACTA proposals.

Nokia phones to provide turn-by-turn worldwide.

Demonoid drops signups… opens itself to all.

Websites of the Week

Anthony –

Andrew – – more of an app than the site to download it from.


from our new friends at Nettwerk Records it’s Howling Bells… somehow we thought they were Australian… apparently they’re from London, England… oh, well.

From their latest CD Radio Wars it’s Cities Burning Down.


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Full Dysclosure

Rogers launches Hulu clone and genetic drift is evident.

Apple buys Lala, soon to buy Fa-lalalala-lala.

Does “local tv matter” enough to you? The CRTC wants to Disqus it.

Why SOCAN wants to keep a submission to a public forum a secret.

Something’s poppin’ in the state of Denmark. Fair use challenge.

Facebook messing around with networks raise pantless women’s ire.

Edmonton to bid for Expo world’s fair… a why should we care.

Websites of the Week

Andrew – – getting your mobile social networking fix in Japanamation stylings.

Anthony – – yet another way to combine all your social networking services to one website, including IMAP email.

Mike – – make your family picture scream propagandized hope.


Octoberman with “Thirty Reasons” from his CD Fortresses thanks to White Whale Records. @octoberman


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Full Dysclosure

Is MS-Win7 really just OSX?

Could there be a MS Ducati 7 theme in your future?

Are Canadian networks taking localtvmatters too far?

The Global Broadband Phenomena says P2P is dying off.

Has Twitter become the new TV development tool?


Anth goes to see 2012.

Here’s a low-cost movie marketing PR campaign: Bit Torrent!

Will Calgary become a new Hollywood North… West… Central?

Websites of the Week

Mike – gets possessive with

Jason – plays the Hollywood stock market with

Anth – jolts our creativity with Brainstormer


Thanks to for letting us share Little GirlsYouth Tunes from the latest CD Concepts.

(direct link to mp3)

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Welcome Jason Finnerty @brandscaping of, and and Andrew Currie @acurrie whose aggregated work can be found at

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Windows 7 rolls out and usurps memories of Vista

Apple rolls out a whack of new products to usurp memories of Windows 7

Google rolls out a bunch of new services to usurp memories of Apple hardware

Bing and Google each strike deals with Facebook and Twitter

Is Mozilla’s Raindrop the Wave Killer before Wave even becomes something worth killing?

If Hulu will never get to Canada, do we care that the US has to pay for it?

49th Perpendicular

Net Neutrality discussions north and south of the 49th parallel

Mobile Mashup

The new Droid phone… is this finally the winner for Android?

Is Nokia’s Maemo phone a strong alternative?

Symbian exec rips Android.

Websites of the Week

Jason – – stay hip without staying current.

Anthony – – live streaming of sports… unless it gets DMCA’ed

Mike – – helps you find the perfect gadget


Ox from weewerk records with the title track Burnout from their upcoming November release


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Full Dysclosure

Are U Having a Windows 7 Party?
Archos 9 Tablet Drops for $499
Google Sidewiki’s Websites
Google Docs is Back to School
Ignore RIAA lawsuit for your best bargain on P2P


The Season and Series Premiers keep rolling on. What did we watch? What did we think?

Websites of the Week

CTV’s Retro Minisodes – 6 minute retro television episodes that kick ass!
Artwiculate – playing a Twitter word-of-the-day game.


Alistair Blake Bundale – “Routine Things” – Facebook