full dysclosure
Twitter Faced with Cash
Twitter kills sms updates in Canada
Google comes to Canada
You Tube’s New Geometry
Pirate Bay’s 5th Anniversary

IBM predicts tech advances over the next five years
Apple Dev get Linux on the iPhone

The Victoria-based comedy stylings of loadingreadyrun
Their efforts to be charitable driving the Desertbus.
35 days against DRM with defectivebydesign.

united steel workers of montreal – “out in the cold” from the cd Kerosene and Coal


full dysclosure
Blackberry Stormengadget review
iPhone 2.2 upgrade
BluRay DRM Cracked
PC Mag to stop printing… still online

What’s the best geek night on television? (rc = recently cancelled)
NBC – Monday – Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy (rc)
CBS – Monday – Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Worst Week, CSI Miami
ABC – Wednesday – Pushing Daisies (rc), Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money (rc)
FOX – Monday – Terminator, Prison Break
HBO – Sunday – True Blood, Entourage
Showtime – Sunday – Dexter, Californication

wheel of pop
Video Game Consoles 1982

websites of the week – web interface bookmarking for non-web afficionados – podcast portal for laughs a-plenty

Mike TrebilcockShut Us Up and Make Us Smile

Happy Thanksgiving to our listeners south of the 49th parallel.


episode 8 – show notes

full dysclosure
gmail vid chat – the cloud expands
the “$100 laptop” in Europe  – for only $200!
USB3.0 – 14X the speed of USB 2.0

Bond – Quantum of Solace
Holiday/December Releases

websites of the week – a twitter-like review complier of films, music, books, etc. – explore and share your inner cartoonist

The Wheat Pool – Geographic Centre of Canada


The Show Notes

full dysclosure
Election – McCain on SNL
Cell Phone Bans while driving
Online Relationships through Gaming
Google Betas and Labs

Windows 7, Azure

Wheel of Pop
Game Shows 1980

49th perpendicular
Daylight Savings Time Shift

website of the week – retro memories of 70s Saturday mornings
– productivity in the cloud today

and here’s a link to the coolest 70s theme song ever… The Krofft Supershow

Two Minute Miracles – The Bee Hell


Show Notes

full dysclosure

Google Android
Gmail Changes – Autoresponder
The New iGoogle layout and the evolution of “portal” pages
Bill Gates’ Think Tank

Holiday Movie Season – October/November

Wheel of Pop
The Episode Five “Wheel of Pop” segment was postponed due to the Carrier Moose not arriving in Victoria on time.

Website of the Week
Anth – (the easiest free blogging platform on the web)
Mike – (another almost-as-easy blogging platform with some extra perks and optional charges)

Great Lake Swimmers – from 2007’s Ongiara – “Your Rocky Spine”

In addition to the core band of Tony Dekker (voice, guitar), Erik Arnesen (banjo, electric guitar) and Colin Huebert (drums, percussion, glockenspiel, timpani), the Ongiara features special guest appearances by singer-songwriter Serena Ryder (backing vocals, autoharp), Bob Egan of Blue Rodeo (pedal steel and dobro), Sarah Harmer (backing vocals) and Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy and Arcade Fire (string arrangements). Mike Overton (upright bass), Darcy Yates (electric bass), Mike Olsen (cello), and Mike Bonnell (organ) also contributed their talents to this recording. Nettwerk just announced the anticipated release of the band’s fourth album, set for early Spring 2009.


The Show Notes

  • Full Dysclosure:  Elections, new MacBooks, Passchendaele and more…
  • Browser Wars
  • The Revival of Piano Rock
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Movies in 1993
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Newseum; Mike – Very Tasteful (Anth sez:  I also revisit last week’s pick, Mufin.)
  • Musical Artist: Billy Reid

To tie up this fourth episode, Very Tasteful’s own Billy Reid is the featured musical act.  His song, entitled Spring Yields A Goldblum, sums up several of the topics we “dyscussed” on the show.

Billy is a filmmaker, performer, musician and (more recently) an animator, and his stuff is hugely popular on YouTube.  Mike has performed with him on the Victoria improv scene, and you can check out all of his stuff at the link provided in our Websites Of The Week show note.


The Show Notes

  • Canadian Thanksgiving – Where Be The Pilgrims?
  • Spotlighting the spotlight on Mac notebooks
  • The Spider Man Musical – Broadway Budget Ballooning
  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Election Fever!
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Television in 1984
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Mufin; Mike – Mecanbe (Mike sez: Email us for invites to Mecanbe!)
  • Musical Artist:  Rob Szabo

Rob Szabo was first “dyscovered” by Anthony and mike when they worked at CFMU in Hamilton.  Rob was a member of the Groove Daddys, a power pop trio that they played endlessly.  Because it was good.  Rob struck out on his own years ago, and we play a track from his latest album, Life & Limb entitled That Cold Hard Sell.


The Show Notes

(a game that Mike had a hand in writing on that site: Frat Boy Girlfriend Defense)

  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Bill C-61 and DRM (start preparing for your mugshots…)
  • Musical Artist Profile:  Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis is a singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC (and a former workmate of Mike’s).  Her debut album, A Year Or More is available via iTunes and CD Baby, and she is also featured on CBC Radio 3.  If you like piano-based musicians, give her a listen.