Frank Zappa kicking ass on Crossfire (24 years ago!) surrounding issues with regards to censorship. Where are today’s advocates from the music industry that can speak so eloquently and stand shoulder to shoulder with pundits, refuting egregious claims point by point? Maybe not a Canadian example, but certainly a by-product of dysfunction. Also a refreshing diversion from the copyright lobby’s artist recruits who complain about the “popcorn sellers”.

Apologies for the long clip, but if you can get through the first couple of minutes, you’ll be hooked.

With the news that the two latest Avengers efforts will be made into 3D films AFTER  they’ve been shot (ala Clash of the Titans), I have to wonder if “colourization” debate going to be re-ignited for 3D TV. Of course I have little doubt George Lucas will be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy in 3D and Smell-o-vision within the next five years, I’m wondering how far off we are from some of the older classics being post-processed through the 3D filter.

The following is a tongue-in-cheek consideration of some classic films that should have 3D added value and why:

1) The Wizard of Oz – Two words… flying monkeys.

2) Elephant Man – Truly appreciate John Merrick’s deformities.

3) The Godfather – Somehow freaky orange-peel-mouth Brando could be entertaining.

4) 2001 – you even have to ask? The trippy end sequence and Space Baby.

5) Goodfellas – if only for the 3 minute uncut shot walking into the restaurant.

6) The Ten Commandments – Red Sea in 3D

7) A Clockwork Orange – because it’s just not trippy enough.

8 ) The Phatom Menace – really… can it make it any worse?

9) Titanic – …hmmm.

10) Jaws – no wait… didn’t they already… never mind.

From an interesting study off the cable Oxygen network (O for short), apparently one-third of young women would rather ensure their Farmville crops are doing well and check other social media connections before attending to morning hygiene: “many young women check their page even before using the bathroom in the morning.”

As someone who is appalled by the implications of the study, all I can offer is the following: Buy yourself a smartphone and get all your Facebook pokes out of the way while LYING in bed.

Of course if you are trying to buy an iPhone like the woman in the following cartoon, you won’t be able to play Farmville because it’s Flash-based.

Diane Wild is our go to expert on Canadian Television productions. Her site is a fantastic resource of Canadian shows AND foreign shows being shot in Canada.

From tv-eh…

TV, eh? is an attempt to provide one-stop-shopping for information on Canadian TV drama and comedy shows (that’s actual Canadian programs, by the way, not just anything on a Canadian network). The site links to articles and publishes scheduling information and media releases.

Listen to Diane tonight on DyscultureD.

photo courtesy Bob Goyetche

This weekend I attended Podcasters Across Borders 2010 in Ottawa (that’s me in the top row on the right in the grey shirt) and was blown away by a sense of community that exceeded my expectations in every regard.

There will eventually be audio and video online of all the full sessions and JOLT talks that comprised the official schedule of events. I was immediately struck by the high level thinking about communications that was being shared. This ain’t no podcamp folks!

In fact, the event was clearly about content creation over simply podcasting alone. In that regard, PAB2010 became content. There was a synergy of shared culture and a friendly handshake and nod to everyone there indicating that if you made it that far, you were more than welcome.

I cannot say I’ve ever experienced anything like it.

I’ve already signed up for next year, and am encouraging friends to do the same. If you blog, podcast, are an online journalists or photographer, consider making the trek to Ottawa in 2011 and get a reduced rate by signing up here: or, if you’d like to see what this year was all about, check out the home site OR go back through a few thousand tweets from participants of a great weekend here.

Try a new refreshing PAB today! You won’t be sorry!

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Samuel Beckett certainly grasped something about life when pondering Vladimir and Estragon’s dilemma in Waiting for Godot. As stark as the setting of that play was, it still serves as an allegory for the cyclical redundancy of the middle class in the 21st century.

This short video is a simple and effective deconstruction of the existence that many of us feel caught up in on our worst days. We trade time for money… everybody’s working for the weekend.

1) More absorbent than Sham-Wow in tricky oil spill situations.

2) Able to leap off tall Chinese factories in a single bound.

3) Has the ability to motivate an entire community’s police force if it goes missing.

4) Gives you a hundred more reasons to use data and be gouged by your provider.

5) Farmville gives iPhone that touch of class that only Zuckerberg understands.

6) iPhone to blind today’s teens in a decade with eBook reader.

7) Google directions lawsuit pales in comparison to the 2011 class-action suit involving video chatters getting hit by runaway fruit cart.

8) Prosecuting attorney uses new iPhone gyroscope configuration to determine the amount of helicopter-like rotations the corpses made before landing on the Google Streetview van.

9) Sharp 720p video capabilities look especially sharp while enduring tailbone trauma on the shockless city bus.

10) Release date of June 24th is 130th anniversary of the first public performance of O Canada which really means nothing as no one in Canada knows when they’ll get the iPhone 4 yet.