Shane is off moving desks so our Ex-Partay Producer MMD (The Maharaja Mack Daddy) sits in as co-host!

We talk Canadian media silo lies, people who dump buckets on their heads while drones spy on and the tragic story of the Russian Space Sex Geckos.

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First, a big thanks to the folks who write for the iWeb blog (our new host BTW) for giving us the first mention in their list of English language podcasts worth checking out. I suggest you check the rest of the list out at iWeb Blog.

Second, friend of show, Steve Czajka (aka podcast noob), made some really cool DyscultureD wallpapers and iPhone backgrounds a couple of months ago, and recently put up a post outlining his creative process behind the works. Please check out the post on his site, and if you want to download them, we have them posted at dyscultured.com/downloads.