Episode 263 – And We’re Wearing Sunglasses

Episode 263 - And We're Wearing Sunglasses

The suits are pressed, the car is fueled up, and our sun glasses are shiny. We’re back at full strength. That’s correct, you heard right — Anthony Marco is back, ladies and germs! It was a long road to get back but he is on the mend and ready to kick some ass. Give it a listen and join in!

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  1. Well not quite…. Candyjam is a game creation event where participants are forced to create a game based on a preset theme within a set period… Candyjam and candy candy candy is a response. The issue is they won’t pursue litigation on the word “candy” (only to prevent direct r copies of their game according to them) , they will pursue it on the word “saga” which is used by a competitor “banner saga” a viking themed tower defense.

  2. It hasn’t happened in Canada yet but you did cover a story of something very similar happening to Canadian Steve Mann in a French McDonalds

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