Episode 261 – I’m All Alone

Dyscultured 261 - I'm All Alone

We’re down yet another other man and Shane gives it his all to maintain the integrity of the show, puff up his enormous ego, and tries to steer the good ship Dyscultured away from the rocks of DOOOOOM. I hear he’s quite funny too. Give it a listen and join in!

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  1. A valiant effort nonetheless. But I expected an all Shane episode to have at least 50, nay 100% more pugs.

    Is this a dry run for more The sound of awesome stationary edition?

  2. “Imma get right to the links…”

    [actually gets to links 22 minutes later]

    Shane, “my hero”, isn’t enough to describe your efforts here… You know that scene in the movie Idiocracy where there are a thousand dudes playing heavy metal guitar?

    They’re playing for you, Shane… they’re playing for you.

  3. I am glad my first attempt alone was good enough to entertain… it was on a whim and I wanted to have something up.

    Yes, I did get to the links late but I was on a roll!

    (Begins to head bang.)

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