Episode 240 – Tinfoil Hat Tribunal


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Freeform Podcasting at it’s finest

Well we didn’t have shownotes, jingles (for the most part!), or Andrew this week… Nor did we record at the right time or day of the week. But we did get around to addressing some of the latest and greatest breaches of your security as provided by the NSA, CSEC and any number of other alphabet agencies.

For background and reference to articles discussed in this episode please refer to the Dyscultured Reddit

Shout Out’s

  • A quick shout out to MMD for finding us and joining in on the chat for episode #240. Also apologies for the time we didn’t seem to be attentive while Google Hangouts left us hanging.


  • A great soundtrack for the Tinfoil Tribunal… Limblifter – “Tinfoil”


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