Episode 229 – Don’t Make Your Dog Dance

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(the opposite of) Freedom



Khaki Pants

Going Mobile

The Neverending Story

  • A small victory in the ongoing fight against the TPP.
  • YOU ARE NO LONGER BEING TRACKED. Check out our new sharing buttons, courtesy of Bruce Schneier (via Mark ST).





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  1. Further on Google Reader replacements … I’ve now tried out Selfoss, and after an initial recoiling at how it jumbled articles from all my feeds together, I’m kinda liking it as I figure it out. I installed it on a shared host, where it was in the list of available apps, so it was super easy to install (and to uninstall if needed). It’s web-based, and the mobile browser version works pretty well on my tablet too. The articles aren’t actually “jumbled” per se, but rather ordered by date of each individual one irrespective of feed. To bring some order to the list, you can assign tags to each feed, and then you can select to show only articles with a given tag; multiple tags per feed is allowed. I made my tags as general categories: tech, science, politics, comics, etc. To be sure, it’s not as slick as Reader. But for now, til I find something that meets my core requirements compellingly better, it’ll do.

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