Episode 222 – Droppin’ Deuces Across America

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Khaki Pants

Tired Old Media

Going Mobile





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  1. (I’m the poster of the Applebee’s article)

    It seems like the majority of us Asians (and Europeans) completely lack respect for the North American tipping culture (sorry!).

    To be honest, what I felt when I first encountered this culture (in the US) is “why there’s an extra monetary reward for what appeared to be simple human decency?” (and occasional awkward ass-kissing behaviors)

    And later I learned American waiters make only $3.50 per hour and depend heavily on tipping. This whole system made me sad. Not that Japanese food service workers’ condition is any better or that I eat out often, but still…

  2. I’m pretty sure the Pastor’s 10% comment ties to the practice of tithing… giving up 10% of your income to a religious organization. However, an important part of tithing is the modesty attached to the action by those who participate. That is, we don’t often see cases of people bragging about what they give to their church or using it to hold themselves above others. Which begs the question, does the Pastor in question really ‘get’ tithing?

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