Episode 215 – Boot From Cloud

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Going Mobile

  • From the obvious department: Canadians none too happy about telecom douchebaggery. Exhibit A here; Exhibit B here.



Thanks For The Memory




  • Dedicated to Voltage Pictures, here’s SON OF BAZERK and No Self Control with their free download, On The Verge Of An Ass Whippin’.


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  1. Another great episode. I’m writing this on Lubuntu BTW. Hope nobody’s spying on me.

    > Boot from the Cloud
    Have you guys read the computer historian & documentary filmmaker Jason Scott’s “Fuck The Cloud” piece?
    After reading this I’m a bit wary of storing anything in the cloud as a replacement for local copies…
    Do you guys have any policies regarding what to/what not to store in the cloud?

    > insourcing
    I’d like to hear you guys’ thoughts on automation by robots, which many smart people (Martin Ford, Marshall Brain, Andrew McAfee, Paul Krugman) say far far outweighs the impact of outsourcing. Will “who works to make our stuff” matter in the next say 20 or 30 years? Will “work” matter at all?

    > PSY scandal
    I’m glad to see Glenn Greenwald’s piece cited. I’m a huge fan of his work.

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