Episode 211 – Biggest Flush Wins The Pot!

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Going Mobile

China Watch

Tired Old Media

Khaki Pants




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  1. [Copyfight] One interesting study done by Sean Leonard at MIT claims one big reason Japanese anime spead throughout the US is because of the hardcore anime fans & “fansubbers” in the country working against the copyright restriction to evangelize and convince people to watch Japanese anime, despite Japanese copyright holders’ abandonment of the American market.

    Progress Against the Law: Fan Distribution, Copyright, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation

    I’m not a big anime consumer but one anime I watched a few months ago (Death Note) was because my Canadian friend tried very hard to get me to watch it (I’m glad I did), so this study is convincing to me on a personal level too.

    I’m ok with very limited form of copyright for non-practical creative works (maybe 3-5 years, like Stallman argues) but I want almost all other forms of so-called “intellectual properties” including patents to be abolished, simply because it doesn’t seem to be serving the public interest.

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