Episode 206 – Want Lube For Thumb

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Khaki Pants

The Before Time, The Long Long Ago

  • Remembering your first computer? Who cares!

Going Mobile





What was that Y again ?


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  1. Just listening to this week’s show right now (so I’m only part way into it). However, I feel I have to jump in on the concerns about FB.

    If your FB stream is filled with people who share only their latest purchase, perhaps you’re following the wrong people. If a friend comes to my house and only ever tells me about what he’s bought and can’t hold up his end of a conversation beyond purchasing, I’m probably going to stop having him over rather than abandon my house. If it’s a problem at the coffee shop (and I have an analogous problem with someone at my local coffee shop), I keep myself busy with other activities and have politely told him I’m not able to talk at that time.

    The benefit of FB is you can ignore people without them knowing. I’ve purged out over 700 people from my FB friends list over the last several months. It’s amazingly liberating!

    Basically, the problem isn’t FB but how people (our friends and us) use it.


  2. I don’t disagree with your basic premise, but in my case there’s an element of work-related and personal “friends” on FB that I cannot ditch, nor tell them to go fuck themselves when inundated with the WANT for the 2013 50 Shades of Gray calendar. At the very least, FB should add a DON’T WANT button as well so I could countermand friends’ consumerism. 🙂

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