Episode 198 – Frenemy Of The State

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The Before Time, The Long Long Ago

Goin’ Mobile

The NeverEnding Story



  • From their album Departing, here’s The Rural Alberta Advantage with their free track, “Stamp”.


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  1. I always thought Kinect was always watching me so when I bought one I decided
    I would soley jerk off in front of it that way they would have to look at me intensely staring back at them while I sadly play with myself. Take that Microsoft!

  2. Interesting shout-out this week.

    Since the segue between your mentioning my comment and an anecdote about someone accusing you of being a “freedom hater” was so quick, I thought I should clarify. I wasn’t suggesting someone who chooses to use technology they don’t control is a “freedom hater”, as someone else might. You might remember that thread about MP3 and OGG where I was suggesting a more practical approach to the software patent problem than boycotting MP3.

    All I was suggesting last week was that people are confused, often deliberately by the technology vendors, about how much control they have over various options. People are fortunately starting to understand the relationship they have with cloud computing providers, and better understand what compromises they are making for the simplicity of allowing someone else to own and run the computer they are using. They are not, however, making the same better informed choices about computing that sits physically close to them where the control is as remote as it is with cloud computing.

    Thats all I was trying to bring up — that the location of the computer isn’t all that relevant to the question of who is in control of the computer. People making informed choices is a great thing, and I think it is best when we better equip people with tools to make those informed choices.

    (And lets leave aside the false suggestion that “google” has at all similar control over Android devices as Apple has over iOS devices. Comparing Apples and carrots, my friend)

    But since I’m already here commenting…. (and some readers have already fell asleep 🙂

    What makes something “public transit” isn’t how many people are in the vehicle, but who owns and manages it. A fleet of autonomous vehicles managed by a municipality is as much a part of a future “public transit” system as fast trains (like the ones we have in Europe and elsewhere) and maybe even a few vans/busses.

    A car being used from point A to point B that isn’t in the neighbourhood is what is like dial-up. Having cars for short distances, busses for a bit longer, and high-speed trains for even longer is like how the Internet is done where you often have copper/wireless for short distances, up to multi-strand fiber for the longer distances (with this getting closer to the home in major municipalities all the time).

    Whether you stay on one mode or switch depends on the distance you are going. If you travel from Toronto to Ottawa by car you are being inefficient (no matter who owns the car), but if you took an autonomous to the high-speed train (and then let the autonomous go pick someone else up), get here by high-speed train, then autonomous to stay at my place in the guest room then that is efficient.

    What makes private automobiles inefficient isn’t the fact they can only carry 6 people, but that they are privately owned by individual citizens. When the owner isn’t using it, the device is parked taking up space. A major part of the costs of manufacturing/etc is fixed, so the way to make any vehicle more efficient is put it into more constant use. An electric vehicle that is parked most of the time has an overall greater negative impact on the environment/society/etc than a fuel-efficient vehicle that is in constant use.

    Chat later guys!

  3. Goofed up:

    Should have said: An electric vehicle that is parked most of the time has an overall greater negative impact on the environment/society/etc than a fuel-*IN*efficient vehicle that is in constant use.

    Oh, well. Back to sleep. Have a great weekend guys.

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