Episode 197 – Be Vewy Vewy Quiet…

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IP Nightly (too obscure?)

We’re The UN, Bitch!

Goin’ Mobile

Thanks For The Memory





Stay in Touch

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  1. On the remote-wipe story. While discussing good password practises and backup are always good, these are distractions from the story which was about who is in control of your computing. Whether it is in the cloud or on a non-owner locked computer (IE: iDevices), someone other than the user (of the cloud service) or owner (of the iDevice) is in control of that computing. Woz complaining about the cloud is also a distraction, given iDevice owners are just as unable to control their computing as a user of a cloud service. The location of the CPU/RAM/DiSK isn’t the deciding factor: who controls the keys and what software runs is.

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