Episode 191 – It’s a TraPP!

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Khaki Pants


Goin’ Mobile

Thanks For The Memory

The NeverEnding Story




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  1. Guys… i work for a major national grocery retailer’s head office in Ontario… and the entire accounts payable department is part time or worse yet a temporary worker. Yes it saves money on employees but the time/ money wasted on constant retraining of new employees and the lack of loyalty in employees costs them way more.

  2. The labour community has come to call such work “precarious” because of its nature of being here today, gone tomorrow. The economy will always suffer in the long run if people cannot find full-time work.

  3. Lol I just don’t like when big corportations make stupid decisions saving pennies and loosing dollars, then complain about quarterly loses. The funny thing is my job mostly entails of test prototype systems so they can’t get rid of me. If they did they wouldn’t be able to pay anything.

    In other news the people who got the jobs from Ontario in Winnipeg can’t handle the work and we have to basically do it for them (we mock up the invoices then send them instructions on how to enter it).

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