Episode 185 – A Wild Rumpus

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Goin’ Mobile

Thanks For The Memory

It’s Not News, It’s Pew-Pews!




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  1. Simple all you have to do is fly the Olympic bidding commitee in Chinooks. Problem solved, the Olympics will never happen again

  2. Damn! I completely spaced on the day of the week and MISSED the live show! Unthinkable.

    Thank you for the shout-out 🙂 and a couple of notes:

    1. Re: archives — many of the satellite archives (e.g. immigration, transportation & highways) are being closed outright. Transportation was quoted as saying they were likely to just throw stuff in the trash (!!) — the biggest WTF comes from the fact that many of the archives are staffed primarily by volunteers (how does that save money, Mr. Harper?)

    2. Re: trading people (or at least their social media selves) were you thinking of Empire Avenue? It’s still ticking.

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