Episode 184 – Organville

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● And just when you thought your neighbourhood was violent. (Or not.)


● @victriviaqueen says Facebook wants your organs. ● But Google wants everything else.


● Censor the web! No, really, it’ll be great!

● It’s all about the Pentiums and the rules and the stuff we all should know about.

● @jjarmasz says SOPA, so-good.

● @b0ngh1tt3r says if you want to get that movie a day after release in theatres? Yah, not to much anymore.


● Currie ain’t here. But Conrad Black will be.

● Cancel your cable, it is all about the Interwebs now!

● But @DecencyLegion and @ShockBuckPics remind us that you already did!

● LA Kings, you can suck it long and hard. Don’t forget a towel.

Goin’ Mobile

● Go Nokia, go!

● Yah, forget it with those ideas of flexible virtual keyboards.

● IKEA goes mobile! Yah, I don’t care either.

● Maybe he’ll go to jail before you pay.


● No love for you, Dropbox. NONE!

● Will Apple play nice with Samsung?

● Apple hates paying taxes.

● @b0ngh1tt3r bitch slaps Tim Cook.

It Ain’t News Unless It’s A Pew Pew

● Dyscultured took in 210 million last weekend, so, no way will any films match our prowess.

● Is this a robot?

● Hey, @b0ngh1tt3r wonders if you want some software. Well, do you?

● @chim0 thinks our podcast is a prat.


● You guys are the greatest …


● Our music tonight is the world famous, Eamon McGrath! with the track Great Lakes

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