Episode 178 – All Your Drones Are Belong To Us!

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  • A choice sound bite from Copyright Math — the toast of TED, and rightfully so.



Goin’ Mobile


It’s Not News, It’s Pew-Pews!



  • A Paper Bag Records pick this week, PS I Love You with a track from their new EP, “Sentimental Dishes”.


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  1. Nooo Mike – don’t go! 🙁
    Seriously, having a kid myself, I can understand needing to scale back on other activities. So I don’t begrudge you this 🙂 But the podcast is never the same when any one of you four is missing, so it’s gonna suck a bit after Ep 180.
    Utmost respect to the rest of the Dyscultured team, of course!

  2. Wow. Thanks to both of you for this. It wasn’t an easy decision — and I’ll pop by every once in a while. That, and I’ll act as an ambassador for the podcast.

    I’m not dysappearing altogether…

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