Episode 169 – The Sound of SOPA

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  • And… blackout!
  • SOPA/PIPA sponsors drop like flies.
  • Yet it’s business as usual at Facebook, Google (Canada), HuffPo, Twitter…


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  1. I’m only half way (Just starting “AAA”), and some comments 🙂


    The reason that American Idle does electronic voting already, but political elections shouldn’t, is because the outcome of American Idle doesn’t matter. Because of this, the ability to trivially corrupt the process doesn’t matter.

    Any ballot-less voting system needs to be understood as a proxy voting system. In the case of online voting, the software author (likely an outsourced vendor) is collecting proxy votes and then announcing the “Winner”. There needs to be complete trust of this vendor, something that I don’t think is justifiable for any election where the outcome actually matters.

    In an ideal proxy voting system the voters would be able to choose their own proxy. Anything where the government imposes the proxy will be a target for corruption, and the only way to avoid that is paper ballots (maybe machine printed and machine counted, but still paper ballot) that avoid the proxy voting system.



    Why should an ISP fix your software problems? When I did hosting commercially I would charge $80/hour or more if someone wanted me to work on their site. When they were paying for hosting, hosting is all they got.

    If you don’t have the time or technical ability to maintain their own site, they should hire someone who will manage that for them. There are commercial companies that offer that support.

    I’ve been listening to you guys bad-mouth iWeb and now FunIO for problems which aren’t their doing. If you want to run a PHP site on your own, fix your own PHP problems!

    And you thought I’d just be talking about SOPA http://c11.ca/5391 🙂

  2. I’d wager the TweetTheResults.com folks are safe from any Elections Act fines or criminal charges since they bailed at the last minute and went dark during the media blackout. As Canadian Press reported, they were “all talk, no tweet” after presenting themselves as the torch bearer of the cause.

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