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@acurrie Cell phone apps to get age ratings: … First up, this one: #dys162 3 minutes ago
@anthonymarco This won’t be dangerous at all! …Largest Tesla Coils Ever Will Recreate Natural Lightning #dys162 about 2 hours ago
@anthonymarco Red hot, smoking iPhone self-combusts on airliner – #dys162 about 2 hours ago
@anthonymarco Evolution, survival or both? …RIM to offer multiplatform device management #dys162 about 2 hours ago
@anthonymarco Dunder Mifflin paper products available in real life #dys162 about 4 hours ago
@anthonymarco StatsCan anticipates $2M loss from move to open data | #dys162 about 4 hours ago
@victriviaqueen Craigslist across Canada, hacked, pwned or ….? #dys162 (BTW, I don’t see the warning, just a domain ownership page) about 5 hours ago
@victriviaqueen Aww, hey, everyone, Zuckerberg really cares about your privacy! #facebook #dys162 about 5 hours ago
@anthonymarco Elvis Costello recommends fans don’t buy his latest box set – #dys162 about 6 hours ago
@Openattitude Free software activists to take on Google with p2p search engine. | NetworkWorld #dys162 about 9 hours ago
@acurrie Thanksgiving Netflix fail? #dys162 1 day ago


New episode records live tomorrow night, right here.

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