Episode 161 – Explain Lucy

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Police & Thieves

Khaki Pants

Tired Old Media

Goin’ Mobile

Pew Pew!

Your Weekly Mission

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  • From the official 2011 SXSW Bittorrents, we’ve got The Cancer Bats with their track “Hail Destroyer”.


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  1. Hey guys,

    I’m the guy who is downloading the show via the Zune. I was also on the “Dinner with Dyscultured episode”. Sorry for the lack of FF# on twitter but my zune screen cracked so after listening to your shows over and over in my sleep I had the strange compulsion to buy an *gasp* iphone. Thanks a lot guys for making me drink the Kool Aid. Also Andrew should be forced to rap at least on story a week.

  2. While I realize it can’t always be so, I think the best shows are when all four hosts are on air. Also, I agree that Andrew needs to rap more often. At least until it gets so annoying that listeners start to beg him to stop.

  3. I resent the lack of love for Snake in the last podcast. Not only did I play it ages ago, I wrote a version of it in BASIC on my first computer! I… realize I should stop here before I embarrass myself further. Great show as usual guys!

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