#dys159 tweetscrape for 11/09/11.

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Adobe confirms Flash Player is dead for mobile devices. | Engadgethttp://t.co/xtO24OvM #dys159

half a minute ago


RT @victriviaqueen: Sorry, RIM, Google kills GMail app for Blackberry:http://t.co/A88KPDNN #dys159 #rimrimrim

about 6 hours ago


Sorry, RIM, Google kills GMail app for Blackberry: http://t.co/A88KPDNN#dys159 #rimrimrim

about 6 hours ago


Police officer misled judge in ‘G20 geek’ probe, lawyer says.http://t.co/7AErmoKT #freebyron #dys159

about 6 hours ago


The Canadian Press PAID for this survey?: Older Canadians use Facebook, study – http://t.co/dPukmrGP #dys159 #pewpew

about 7 hours ago


Piracy is devastating to Viacom: only a $50 mil raise this year…http://t.co/tchT8zxM #dys159

about 8 hours ago


Hm, rumoured but still… worth a #dys159 #pewpew “Adobe rumoured to stop future development of Flash for mobile” – http://t.co/6XxQt6CT

about 9 hours ago


Hm… #dys159 RT @jm_mcgrath: RT @iainmarlow: Kobo’s getting bought by Tokyo-based Rakuten for $315-million: http://t.co/Dn0bUMJ8

1 day ago


The biggest sign of #Android’s success? Devices are coming to Canada’s telco for old people… http://t.co/P3Qxqccz #dys159

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Zomg, Episode 159 records live tonight at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific, right here!!1!

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