Episode 150 – feat. Shandrew the Killer Whale

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Of Questionable Importance (aka AppleAppleApple)

Not At All Important (aka Pew Pew!)


  • Currie’s got special shout-out this week, oh yes he does :->



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  1. Keeping this short: I disagree with Andrew’s take on Google handing over some patents to HTC to protect against Apple. Apple started the current round of mobile patent wars, so should be reprimanded by their elders/etc appropriately. If courts can start to disallow i* device sales in various countries until Apple discontinues its attacks on the industry, that would be great.

    Google needed to prove to handset vendors that they were sticking with the FLOSS Android platform, and not using Motorola as a replacement for the multi-hardware-vendor alliance. Helping HTC defend against Apple was an obvious way to do that, solving a few problems with one simple act.

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