#dys148 tweetscrape for 08/21/11.

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Mobile patent wars, as explained by The Globe & Mail: http://j.mp/rhNEJB… Fuck you very much, Lodsys! ಠ_ಠ #dys148 ^AC

3 minutes ago


Blade Runner new film won’t appear till at least 2014, Harrison Ford not expected to return http://t.co/MEQsHQI #überpewpew #dys148

about 11 hours ago


HTC unlocks its own phones, but not just to tick off Google. Probably. |http://t.co/Vdkb3Od #dys148

about 11 hours ago


Worse than Stingray from #dys147? BlackBerry Music: $5 a Month, 50 Songs – http://t.co/8iB5oHV #dys148

about 11 hours ago


RT @Dyscultured: Nice job, CRTC… http://j.mp/pQknMh #dys148 #pewpew

about 13 hours ago


1st hipster airline? RT @jebbrilliant: British Airways considering issue of 1,800 iPads to cabin crew http://t.co/ToG7KFd #dys148

1 day ago


Nice job, CRTC… http://j.mp/pQknMh #dys148 #pewpew

2 days ago


This is utterly bonkers and scary #dys148 Government: Amazon: The Official Cloud Server of the US Government (Gizmodo)http://t.co/YMHS2f9

3 days ago

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And we’re off — new ep. records live next Wednesday night!

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