Episode 146 – I Fell Into a Burning RIM of Fire

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Lon-don’s Burning! (diddle-iddle-um-dum-dum)

Tired Old Media


  • Kindly allow Mr. Currie to expound for a few moments on the subject of tethering — inspired by this link, but pertaining to Canadians.
  • Texting doc coming to IsoHunt on August 20th, prolly.
  • Canada’s upstart carrier’s pack a onetwo, back-to-school punch.


Pew Pew!



  • This week we’ve got Joe Strummer (!) in one of his final on-stage performances, singing London’s Burning with Mick Jones.
  • Yeah, not exactly sure how legal this is, but you can’t find it on Amazon, so as far as I’m concerned it’s fair game.


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Up Next

  • To submit story ideas for next week’s show kindly use the hashtag #dys147.
  • Episode 148 will record live next Wednesday, August 17th from 10pm ET / 7pm PT, right here. See you there.

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