Episode 142 – The C Words


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This week, Anth, Mike and Ryan Wiseman were joined by special guest Dave Olsen (as well as getting to overhear “the sound of awesome” by Shane) to take part in the dyscourse. While Currie’s away the owls will play…


  • Sure, now that they DON’T have clout, they push for it.
  • This sounds a lot like the plot to “The Producers” to me…
  • And now the agenda is hidden behind a catchy, ubiquitous name…

Teh Innernetz


  • CBC television votes for the future instead of viewers. Which actually means it doesn’t for the future.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Canadian television reporter bucks trend, actually wants to report meaningful news. So he quit being a Canadian television reporter.


  • Uh-oh, RIM…here comes #appleappleapple!
  • Rogers’ pricing for LTE is the most competitive in Canada. Also, they are the only telecom offering LTE in Canada. Winning by default!
  • Looks like Currie ain’t the only phone-tester guy around these parts…



Jeff Gignac


Music by Victoria’s Jason Walsh


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Up Next

  • We’re back next week with everyone but Currie again…and yet another special guest host in the house…Heather Gold!
  • To submit story ideas for next week’s show use the hashtag #dys143.


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  1. Either Shane was snacking and sorting cutlery, or he was using a metal tape measure. You all did well.

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