Episode 140 – Dinner with Dyscultured

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No real show notes this episode as we ate dinner and mainly talked PAB2011. So, basically it’s a whole ton of us (along with “producineer” Ryan Wiseman), bus noise, special guests and Pew-Pews…

Pew Pew!

  • Here’s where we ate.
  • Valerie Hunter swung by and talked to us right after our food arrived.
  • We discussed all things PAB…and we’ll do a further discussion next week.
  • Family came up. It got kinda weird.
  • The keynote came up. Which is also kinda weird cuz it should’ve come first by definition.
  • Each of us discussed what our favourite PAB sessions were.
  • Adam Gratrix and Damien Ragubance weighed in on the conversation. They also ate.
  • Other randomness came up. (Other than the topic of focus, that is.)



  • We’re on a boat, muthafucka’s!


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Up Next

  • We’re back live next week as Andrew takes a hiatus for his upcoming Asian stage run…whatever that means.
  • To submit story ideas for next week’s show use the hashtag #dys141.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys. It was a pleasure to meet those of you that I had the opportunity to chat with.

    A quick explanation re: the two TVs. The NAC is a union shop. Using a projector would mean hiring a unionized projectionist. The TVs help tame the PAB ticket price. Since every penny of the ticket goes right back into paying for the conference so we get more conference as a result.

    ps. I was very tickled to hear responses to my jolt. Thanks for that.

  2. Hey thanks for the shoutout/ including me in the show notes…. also a newb question… which rss feed do i use to subscribe to the show (i use a zune and I don’t have itunes).

  3. Loved hearing the feedback on PAB and some of the ideas being kicked around. We consider all ideas. For example, we gave serious thought to the request of increasing the number of JOLT!s in the speaking program the year after we introduced them. After much consideration, we decided JOLT!s demand a lot from the audience and stacking them would be exhausting. More importantly, doing so would dilute the message of each individual JOLT! This belief was validated earlier this year by a PABster who attended a MARCOM event which stacked 10 six minute talks in one hour. He claimed to only remember the last talk of the hour.

    However, my comment here is more specifically about the decision to use large screen monitors rather than a projector and large projection screen. The NAC is a union shop and the rules have a legacy provision which dictates any projector requires a projectionist. Since LCD projectors are projectors, using one would require us to pay (going by memory here) $800/day to have a projectionist babysit the appliance. I think you can appreciate it’s a much better use of PAB money to have the large screen monitors. You do remind me though that we should advise all speakers to use images or large text rather than bullet points in their slide decks.

  4. “which rss feed do i use to subscribe to the show (… I don’t have itunes).”

    Music to my ears. 😎

    You can find the feed for audio podcasts on libsyn (direct subcription link here).

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