Episode 137 – Emo Kids Doing Webcam Confessionals

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Tired Old Media

Hey, Nerdlinger



Pew Pew!


  • Howzabout a little nerdcore this week? Here’s Southside with their track “Get Down“.


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  1. My thoughts, in point form

    – How is making kids fear being “arrested” for art going to better the “positive moral tone of the school”. Obviously backwards, and it is the principal/etc that should be being “arrested” under that type of clause.

    – Sorry, but a brat disrespecting the democratic process in the senate chamber is not legitimate activism. I’m just sorry she only lost her job rather than doing a little jail time. Far worse has been done to people who did far less.

    – The UN does matter — Remember that WIPO and WTO are UN special agencies, and ISP liability and graduated response is being discussed at WIPO. This is a matter of one part of the UN telling another part of the UN to get a grip on reality.

    – The Canadian federal government is the single largest creator/owner of software in Canada. You forget that widely-distributed software (FLOSS or proprietary) represents a small percentage of software authored. With all the processes that governments are involved in, and the automation/etc of those processes encoded in software, there are massive amounts of software involved. As to Government and FLOSS, check out http://tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/ (Something that GOSLING co-founder Joseph Potvin is heavily involved in).

    – Yes, information/mental processes are idiotic — but we need to get the general population and politicians beyond thinking that ideas should be owned. There is a cultural issue at play here…

    – IPv6 isn’t being pushed as much in North America — partly because the phone/cable companies want us to be on a read-only connection behind NAT.

    – iDon’tCare

    – Wind is awesome, Public Mobile as well as RIM can bite me.

    Chat later.

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