Canada’s tech gurus — whither the other two?

Uncle Leo

We all know what happened to this guy… After being burned twice by TechTV Canada — who pulled the plug on both Call For Help and The Lab with Leo — he seems to be doing alright.

But back when I had digital cable there were two other made-in-Canada tech help-type shows that I lost track of.

So let’s catch up…

Chalk & Agerbo

Dave Chalk

I remember the dude in the red shirt above as always on the verge of having an on-camera aneurysm; turns out he’s a recovering dyslexic (oops), which couldn’t possibly have helped him read those dense paragraphs of product copy on his almost entirely forgettable computer shows.

Not that Sir Chalk gives a flying fuck what I think about anything — he’s filthy rich, apparently, having sold software to Research in Motion, among other things. So does he share his mansion with his obvious (to me) lover back in the day, Mike Agerbo (in blue)? No one knows for sure, but he hasn’t been kicked out of the empire yet


Steve Dotto

Anybody remember Dotto’s Data Café? I do, barely. I’ve a better recollection of Dotto Tech — aka the product-placement infomercial for Apple, HP and Telus.

After he lost a bunch of weight I thought buddy would go all Joe Piscopo on us, but he’s still doing radio and podcasts out of Vancouver.

And still shilling, I see…

If I got something wrong or if you just want to reminisce, join us for #dys136 when we record live on Wednesday, June 1st at 9:30pm Eastern

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