Episode 133 – Moonshine in a Mason Jar

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Show Notes:

Google I/O: Music, Movies & Ice Cream Sandwich. AaggaGGhGhghGhGhghhhh…But no installable Chrome OS? D’oh!

Ballmer’s $7.7 Billion Skype blunder. The Linux version for Currie (and Shane?) is safe for now, but there’s an opportunity here for your humble hosts to migrate to something better. Like this. Or this. But probably not this.

Footnote: The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will share in $4.76 Billion profit from the deal. Not too shabby.

Bell/Rogers/Shaw – who/what do they own?

What law enforcement gets when they subpoena your info from Facebook.

Senator Al Franken (!) presses Apple & Google for answers about location tracking.

Death of an app by a thousand cuts, or a single 30% one.

And what you’ve all been waiting for… Our new Android app in review!!1!

VISA launching new “digital wallet” service in North America this fall.

You know, there’s one good thing about a Harper majority — though they could learn a thing or two from Manitoba.

In case you missed it, here’s RIM’s CEO getting pissy with BBC reporter.

U.S. Library of Congress tackles issue of music copyright vs. public access.

BMI math: Personal cloud-based music = public performance.

New Zealand adopts Cardassian justice for P2P offenders.

US and A in 2005: Legalizing TiVo, CD ripping “sends the wrong message“.

Newly-anointed NDP MP Andrew Cash is a founder of the CMCC.

Holy shit, that guy what draws Dilbert is awesome!

And our near-unanimous WTF Asia link of the week: Brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans.


From far across the interwebs, this week our pick is The Dead Rocks, with their track: A Song For The Future.


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