Episode 132 – How Many Polish Pimps to Solve PHP Problem?

Canada's 41st Election—Explained

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Show Notes:

Post-election thoughts, from Michael Geist and our man on The Hill, Russell McOrmond.

Canadian tweeps flip the bird at Elections Canada.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Osama’s death sets new record… This is what news has been reduced to.

CRTC (?) sets Canada-wide target for Internet speed.

Canada’s privacy commissioner wants hefty fines for data breaches — speaking of which…

PSN users SOL. SEO blames Anonymous, Ontario woman doesn’t give a fuck.

TomTom sold user data to police, motorists then targeted with speed traps.

What happens to your digital legacy after you’re gone?

Samuel L. Jackson, it seems that you have lost your Avengers script

An IP address is not a person, BitTorrent case judge says.

RCMP arrested movie pirate as “personal favor” to movie official. But they’re not happy about it.

In other news, DVD sales drop 20%, Blu-ray sucks. Anyone surprised?

From Jim Henshaw: Netflix good, outmoded CanCon funding and regulation bad.

Hey, did you know that today, May 4th, is the Day Against DRM?

Bad news: Car dealer ordered to remove Canucks signage due to copyright infringement.

Good news: Creative Commons music from the Strike the Root Project.

Google plays ball with US carriers to kill tethering apps.

Here’s a Canadian perspective on the situation.

New BlackBerries and OS announced at, well… BlackBerry World.

Windows Phone sales “catastrophic“.

Look, everybody just calm the fuck down, ok? THE WHITE IPHONE 4 IS NOT THICKER THAN THE OTHER ONE!!1!

“App Watch”, wherein Currie checks on the status of the Android & iOS versions of the forthcoming Dyscultured app.

And finally, our WTF link of the week: Flying robotic swarms to create Wi-Fi clouds.


Anth’s pick: The Acorn, with their cover of Gowan’s “Strange Animal“. Free download available from Paper Bag Records.


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  1. Woops — seems I signed into the chat and then went to bed. Sorry about that 🙂

    Great show — and — err — interesting cover song at the end..

    Oh, and why should I consider signing up to PAB if I’m not a “podcaster”? Even if not attending, looking forward to seeing you at the end of June.

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