Episode 131 – Goodbye, Pants!

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Show Notes:

Beastie Boys go all free streaming on our ass!

YouTube partners with Hollywood for paid movies-on-demand service.

Toronto lawyer James Gannon is famous on the interwebs, for all the wrong reasons.

Wii EoL’d, to be replaced by the Wii Stream? Srsly?

Shaw’s latest move/blunder/bitchslap to customers. Oh, and they removed their usage tool too.

Thinking of moving to Telus? Don’t — they’re embracing UBB too.

Apple: “We’re totally not stalking you, but there is a bug in the software that we’re using to stalk you.

Dropbox summons the mighty DMCA to combat file-sharing exploit.

Yo hipsters, this is why your Tumblr’s down.

Some fun facts on the state of wireless in Canada.

Rogers is launching LTE in select markets this year. Non corporate-speak link here.

Stupid iPhone coming to Canada’s awesome upstart carriers. Fuck.

Cash-strapped SETI Institute pulls plug on search for aliens.

Kick the KD? Kraft will kick your ass — in court, at least.

And our WTF link of the week: If you want to meet girls this is a very bad idea.


This week it’s Mike’s pick: Public Domain Protest Song.


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